Dec. 3rd, 2006 02:31 am
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Lately I've been trying to talk myself into being more forgiving of the things I go to for entertainment, things like movies, TV, books. I don't think I tend to be hyper-critical (if so, how could I still be half-watching ABC Daytime?), but I do sometimes get caught up on the one flaw rather than the ten wonderful things that came before. Lately I've been thinking about Oprah's Gratitude Journal, which she talked about once on a show in, like, 1997, but which has stuck with me since to the point that every six months or so I end up with a Memo notebook next to my bed with random lists like, "1. Cream cheese. 2. My family. 3. The fact that my car passed inspection."

In that same vein, a few media-related things I am grateful for.

1. I am grateful for Mariah Carey because she wrote and performed my very favorite modern Christmas song, All I Want for Chirstmas Is You. The great thing about this song is how it starts, slowly and in a low enough range that you can feel kind of confident singing along in the car, so that by the time she starts really belting it out, you kinda sorta believe that you and Mariah are singing this TOGETHER, that you can DO THIS, and so you find yourself bopping around in the driver's seat, pointing a finger at the imaginary audience. It's awesome.

2. I am grateful to NBC for giving both Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock full season orders, especially in light of Thursday night's episode of 30 Rock, in which 30 rock spoiler )

3. I am grateful for Scrubs because without that show, we would have neither Turk performing Poison or the Sacred Heart Air Band. Regular viewing of these clips is essential to my mental health.

4. I am grateful for the Bourne movies, because they are awesome and perfect comfort movies for me. Also, Matt Damon!

5. I am grateful to [ profile] jeviltwin for introducing me to Carla Kelly earlier this year, which started me on a romance novel binge I've been indulging on and off for the last several months. I haven't found any other author to match Carla Kelly; I've read ten or so of her books and have only found one stinker. The rest all varied from lovely and charming to INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL, the kinds of books you sneak into work and read when no one's looking because you just can't bear to go another minute without knowing what happens, because the characters are so wonderful and you care about their happiness so much, and! Oh, I can't believe I forgot to mention this! She has a new book coming out next spring! YAY!

6. I am grateful that the people slowly re-releasing Georgette Heyer's books chose Venetia as their latest one, because I had already spent too much money buying used copies of Heyer novels online, and the only copy I could track down to read was from the library and therefore couldn't be mine forever. And I wanted a copy of Venetia that could be mine forever! And now I have it. And I am happy.

I wanted there to be more, but I have to go to bed because I signed up for this stupid volunteer thing tomorrow. Stupid self of earlier this week, who couldn't think of an excuse quickly enough when asked! Stupid self in general, incapable of simply telling people that I want a Sunday just to myself! Stupidity all around!
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OMG! I just picked up my voicemail and a friend had left a message there, and in it she said that there was new CNN breaking news! Britney Spears files for divorce!

Naturally, I was all, "OMG, GASP!" and maybe jumping up and down because I love celebrity gossip. And then my friend's message went on to say something like, "And isn't that a sad commentary on America? That on Election Day, THAT is the top news story?"

And then I felt kind of bad for jumping up and down. But not enough to not post this LJ entry. Anyway, hey, I voted! I pushed down all of the appropriate little levers (for the last time, possibly - I think NYS is going to a more high-tech method next year, and I will miss the little levers).

And now for the important PSA: New Friday Night Lights tonight! I strongly suspect the episode will include Matt Saracen being awesome and/or adorable. I will have to tape because some alternate version of myself volunteered to help the Dems on Election Night. Off I go to headquarters! I am secretly hoping they won't need my help! That's the kind of lazy American I am!


Oct. 30th, 2006 10:55 pm
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1. I owe replies to comments! Will write them later, b/c I have to run right now - must go harass residents of my Congressional district to vote for the Democratic challenger next week!

2. I am SO TOTALLY DEVASTATED that Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon broke up. I am not being sarcastic; I was really invested in them. I feel the way Jimmy Stewart looks in this icon about their breakup.

3. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Tonight at 10PM! Here's a handy-dandy recap of the events so far, complete with pretty pictures!
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.i. friday night lights!

Tomorrow at 10PM, NBC will be airing Friday Night Lights instead of a repeat of Studio 60. I love Friday Night Lights the way I love popcorn, chocolate, and Diet Pepsi: even though I know that I could theoretically live without them, I would hate a reality in which I was forced to do so. To make a FNL-less reality less likely, more people need to watch!

It's an awesome show. All the critics are blabbering about it, which is great, but also makes me a little nervous because I think sometimes people think critical darling = medicinal TV (good for you, but boring/blah/bossy). FNL is SO NOT THAT. It is just plain awesome. It is both high-quality and tremendously satisfying. I mean, people have dramatic arguments and make out in the rain! And there are rousing fourth-quarter comebacks! And Kyle Chandler looking ridiculously good! And there are several attractive male football players whose portrayers are totally in their twenties so it's not that skeevy!

Check it out!

.ii. public speaking phobia

I recently reconnected with a woman I met through Literacy Volunteers, who had a recurance of cancer in the time since I last saw her, and understandably hasn't been feeling well. When we went out to lunch a couple of weeks ago, I told her to let me know if there was anything, anything I could do.

LiteracyBuddy: Well, actually . . .

FearlessTemp: Name it. Whatever you need - company, someone to pick up groceries, fun novels. Just let me know.

LB: Okay. I was supposed to speak at the Literacy Volunteers event in November, and I'm really not feeling up to it. Would you be willing to fill in?

Outer FT: Of course! No problem!

Inner FT: Dammit.

Which brings us to this weekend, three days before the event, and how is the speech coming? I loathe it! Has my paralyzing fear of public speaking gone away, even after a year of teaching? Not at all! Can I stop thinking about poor LB and how paltry my concerns are in comparison to hers? Of course not! Does this lead to increased self-loathing? Naturally! Will I stop this Q&A pattern? Immediately!

All I want to do is watch TV and eat fudgesicles! Why can't doing that produce a heartfelt, witty speech?

And even if the speech is witty and heartfelt, will anyone notice if I look like I took a can of shoe polish and combed it through my hair? I dyed my hair on Thursday for the first time ever, and had the hair stylist color match it, and I don't doubt that she did, but. It's dark. It's probably no darker than it was last week, and just looks different to me because the gray is gone, but I have this worry, now, that it looks obviously dyed, and I've always heard that dyeing your hair darker is a bad choice (I always think of Elizabeth Taylor in her perfume commercials before she went white), but maybe that's just for the over-sixty set? I don't think I look over sixty. In fact, the person in the next chair at the salon thought I was 18 or 19. That's what happens when you never leave the house! No sun damage.

(In all honesty, it's more that I've worn SPF 15 moisturizer or makeup on my face for the last five years, and also that my face is chubby - chubby faces show fewer wrinkles. It's one of the few benefits we get.)

.iii. pollage

[Poll #856164]

.iv. it

Over the weekend, I gave up three hours of my life I'll never get back to an ABC Family re-airing of the mini-series It, based on the Stephen King novel,which totally scarred me when it first came out. I mean, there was a killer clown with razor-sharp teeth! And a kid getting sucked into a pipe! And Richard Thomas a.k.a. John Boy from the Waltons wearing a ponytail! It was extremely scarring. And I totally screamed a few times when watching it this past Saturday (I'm a pretty big scaredy cat).

Watching it now, I was blown away by how much TV has improved in the last sixteen years. The special effects, sure, but everything else - the dialogue, the pacing, the characterization was just so cheesy and badly done, in my opinion. John Ritter was solid, as was Annette O'Toole - I was totally invested in spoiler for the ending! )

I bet the book is good, but am too much of a scaredy cat to try it.

.v. boots!

Boots, my Nana's missing cat, has returned! Unfortunately, he's in bad shape and his chances of recovery from his time in the wild are iffy (he was severely dehydrated and had gone into kidney failure by the time he was found). If anyone can spare some good thoughts for Mr. Boots, they would be v. much appreciated.
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Okay, so I was going to post this super-negative whiny thing, but it just made me feel worse instead of better, and so I deleted it and instead I am going to talk about things that aren't making me all twitchy-eyed and rageful. Things like!

(1) My rediscovered love for American Dreams, a show that was SO AWESOME that I feel sad that not all of you are going to cap off your evening the way I'm about to when I finish this post - by watching part of an episode from the S1 DVD set I bought recently. I love all of the characters so much that I sometimes have to mute scenes because I can't bear to hear the dialogue, knowing how it will hurt another character. I have loved a lot of TV shows in my time, but I really think American Dreams is up there in the all-time top ten. So, so great.

(2) This clip of a puppy and a kitten play-fighting. Especially the moments when the little kitten comes flying in from out of frame to attack the puppy.

(3) All I Ever Wanted, a vid for The Forsyte Saga. TFS was so addictive for me; I think I only saw part of it when it aired, and then bought the DVDs when they came out, and a friend and I watched all of it in one weekend. forsyte saga spoilery stuff )

(4) Werther's Originals. They're delicious!
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I park on the street, and every day I leave by backing into the driveway and peeling out at top speed, as if the seconds I shave off my morning drive time with the maneuver will somehow make me five minutes late for work instead of ten. It has never worked! I am always late! But I never just drive straight away, even though I can get to the main road that way too. It takes at least 20 seconds more, you see. And what was I risking by backing into the driveway?

The mailbox, it turns out. Every day in the past I've driven by it, often close enough that I could see the brush marks in the black paint, but never making contact. But today was different! Today was the day the mailbox met my passenger side view mirror, and surprisingly, in the conflict between the two, my dinky little side mirror totally took out the mailbox, which was sitting on a sturdy wooden platform (having been driven over in the past, I think by a delivery guy when we first moved in. It is not a lucky mailbox.).

Yes, the wood splintered, and broke, at which point I slammed on my brakes. And then I got all flustered and nervous and did that ditzy forgot-what-gear-I'm-in thing, and let go of the clutch/pressed the gas that last little bit needed to pull the thing clean off. It was LEGENDARY. I finally pulled my car forward, away from the carnage, and left it running with the door open while I tried to put the mailbox back together, hoping that somehow by lining it up juuust right, it would totally forget that it had been split down the middle and stand tall. This meant that there was a lot of fussing and fiddling and me-stepping-away-only-to-watch-it-fall-apart. Until I looked up and saw my father stomping down the driveway, a hammer in one hand, a bunch of nails in the other. And then we stood there together and nailed it back in place. My father didn't flip out at all, even though he would have been totally justified, since I was having a particularly late morning and hit the mailbox at approximately the time I should have been arriving at his office.

The other exciting mail-related news of the day was that I got my first season American Dreams DVDs in the mail today. I started watching regularly in the second season, I think, so it's, like, a newly released prequel to me, or something. I am still so sad American Dreams got canceled. Still! Why isn't it in syndication? Why? Because the music rights are too expensive, probably. But! It was such an awesome show!

Anyway, in other news, I am deeply troubled that I may have burned all of my Sports Movie Credits with my friends when I dragged two of them to see Invincible with me. I did not REALIZE how much I would want to see the one with The Rock and the prison football team! Dammit! Will I be able to cash in again? I have until September 15 to find out.
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WE is running the pilot episode of China Beach as I type! It just started! Holy crap, I love this show. Had to share the info in case there are other China Beach fans lurking on my flist.

This show so needs to be on DVD.
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.i. library terror

Peeps, I have so many overdue items from the local library that I've been putting off searching the site for a particular book because some tiny corner of myself, the same corner of myself that can't sleep with the closet door open, believes that I will be awakening the beast with my query in the search box. The library will realize that I owe them 378495 items (only a slight exaggeration), and send operatives to my house, who will beat down my door, awakening the neighbors, a la COPS.

Or like the Bookman, from Seinfeld!

one of my favorite scenes from Seinfeld, ever )

As if you couldn't tell, I've been experiencing a Seinfeld Renaissance lately. Hence the icons, such as this one, from another one of my favorite episodes, The Marine Biologist.

.ii. perspective

I woke up this morning feeling much more even-tempered and kind of can't believe I wrote such a lengthy LJ post about a movie theater employee being rude to me. Kids are starving in Africa, etc! I do realize my plight was not that terrible. I haven't been sleeping well lately, and I'm back to hateful law office employment, and there are NO JOBS FOR SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS around here, so I'm just generally cranky. Oh well.

.iii. request!

I'm going on vacay on Saturday, and I am going after work tomorrow to the bookstore to burn some of the gift certificates I got for my birthday/graduation. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking for novels, I guess. Sample set of books I adore: Sloppy Firsts etc., most of Meg Cabot's YA, Bridget Jones's Diary, American history books (I tend to value good writing above almost everything else here), Bill Bryson's stuff, Georgette Heyer, Barbara Kingsolver, lots of other things I can't think of.

Has anyone just finished a truly awesome book?
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This week is going to be a serious test of the MyLastName family unit. My mother has jetted off to Cape Cod with her sisters, leaving the three of us behind, which normally wouldn't be a problem, but recently both my brother and I have started working full-time in my father's office. His secretary left a couple of months ago and he never got around to replacing her because his law clerk was doing such a good job, and then his law clerk quit with three days notice a couple of weeks ago and it's CHAOS! So we're there trying to fill in the gaps until he can find quality help.

It's all fine, but since we're all living at the same place, it basically means that the three of us are together 24/7. My mom has been bearing most of the conversational diversity burden, introducing news and topics from her corner of the world, but now she's gone. Gone!

I think dinner tonight is probably going to go something like this:

(Lengthy pause.)

Person 1: Oh, the funniest thing happened at work today -

Persons 2 & 3: I was there.

Person 1: Dammit.

(all three stare into space)

Also, you can't complain about your asshole boss and idiot coworkers over dinner.

I kid! I kid. Work isn't that bad, actually, even if my father is stressed out to the point that he communicates primarily by shouting at the top of his lungs, a la the Costanza parents. He doesn't yell at either Jimmy or me, but at the world in general, annoying clients in particular, and, yesterday, 411 (Telecomputer: City and state, please? Dad Unit: SYRACUSE! NEW YORK!).

Randomly: Did anyone else watch Broken Trail? No? No one else watched Lowell the Dull Witted Mechanic share significant glances with Sun Fu the would-be Chinese prostitute? spoilers, just in case )

I wish more people had watched the movie so I had someone to talk about it with, but I didn't like it enough to justify foisting it on others. Oh well.

I am so tired right now. And I still have to go make dinner (am way behind schedule). Ugh.
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I am about to wrap up terrifying cleaning task two of three (my half of the computer room), and seriously, people, NEVER AGAIN will I go through this. I've already invested six or seven hours in this GD computer room, I'm not done, and it's been sheer torture. I am going to turn over a new leaf. No more living in disarray and filth! I've kept my bedroom clean for a full week! I think I may be on to something.

Next up is my car, which, though smallest, has potential to be the grossest of the three terrifying cleaning tasks. Since I'm always running late, I tend to eat meals in there, and since I'm clumsy, food falls. I try to clean as I go, but stuff can get under the seat and out of sight and forgotten about. Every time I clean out my car, I fear reaching down and finding that a nest of squirrels have taken up residence under the driver's seat, subsisting on old PB&J crusts.

More news as it develops.

In other news: Did anyone else watch Broken Trail tonight? I keep wanting to call it Broken Arrow, and then I remember no, that's that terrible Christian Slater movie about a nuclear weapon, and then I think, Whatever happened to Christian Slater? And then I remember how much I loved Pump Up the Volume when I was in high school, and wonder whether I should watch the movie again, or will it have lost something? Probably.

But! The movie I meant to talk about is called Broken Trail, and it is a two-part western on American Movie Classics starring Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church, a.k.a. Lowell the dull-witted mechanic from Wings. Also, he was nominated for an Oscar last year for Sideways. But I liked Wings better, so that's what I choose to remember him from. The movie is about two cowboys trying trying to bring a bunch of horses across the frontier who run across five Chinese girls about to be sold into prostitution, and then take the girls under their protection. Drama ensues. Is anyone else out there watching it?

Okay, would say more, but it's late and I have to move some furniture before I toddle off to bed. And so off I go, to move furniture! Then sleep! Here's hoping I don't drop anything on my toe, like my father did last week in the office.
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My father's legal secretary quit, which means that I get to go in and start working for my Dad after having one (1) blissful day of freedom post-year of teaching. Damn you, fate! Damn you, Tina, who left for greener pastures without giving appropriate notice!

Anyway. The icon I use for this entry gives a pretty good impression of how I spent my one (1) blissful day of freedom, and how I wish I could spend tomorrow, but cannot. Instead, I will be listening to tapes on dictaphone, and fielding calls from irate clients. Oh, joy.

Enough complaining!

Today I watched the second season of Deadwood some more, and while I continue to find it awesome, the dialogue kind of, well, befuddles me sometimes. The bad language I don't mind, though it can be troublesome since immediately after watching the show I find myself saying things like, "Pass me the fucking potato salad," and once last year, when I was indulging myself in the first season, I think I actually called someone a cocksucker.* No, what gets me is how the dialogue, which has been called Shakespearean, is often so convoluted and complicated that it's incomprehensible, even if one has a DVD with subtitle capabilities and a functional rewind button.

You know what they should have? Ooh! This is such a good idea, I seriously should e-mail HBO upon completing this entry. They should have subtitles in Standard English, just like they have subtitles in French, Spanish, etc. Then idiots like myself could actually understand what's going on.

(Also, I think one of the reasons the language gets called Shakespearean is because of the way the writers often swich up the structure of sentences, which is interesting and confusing, but actually reminds me more of Yoda than Shakespeare.)

What else is there to report? Very little! My younger cat jumped into the sliding glass door today - he usually lets us know he wants to come in my by leaping up and hanging from the screen, but someone had forgotten to pull the screen part of the door closed. So he jumped up and THUNKed against the door instead. He was totally fine (cats always land on their feet), and after coming in, we rewarded him with treats, and lots of cuddling, but MAN, was it funny. I'm laughing about it right now.

*Not to their face, of course; I was either retelling an irrtating incident or, more likely, yelling at another driver while on the highway. Still, it shocked me!
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One of the things that makes me believe that the world does get better as time goes on is the expansion of summer television programming options. Back in The Day, all I had to entertain me during the summer months were reruns of The Wonder Years and Growing Pains (both admittedly awesome). But now? Now! Now we have ALL of this FIRST RUN summer programming! Like this show, which I cannot wait to see - and I'm not sure if it's because I'm sleep-deprived and punchy in the best way possible tonight, having a three-day-weekend to look forward to (thanks to LJAGU's graduation! Whoot whoot!):

Pshych - Psych centers on Shawn Spencer, who possesses uncanny powers of observation honed by his police officer father, Henry, who drilled young Shawn to note even the smallest details of his surroundings. When Shawn is accused of committing a crime that he actually solved for the police department (by calling in a tip), he convinces the cops that he's a psychic. With the reluctant assistance of his best-friend Gus, Shawn starts solving cases for an ever-skeptical -- but grudgingly impressed -- police force.

AND Gus is played by Dule Hill! Charlie from The West Wing! I thought it sounded kind of interesting when I heard about it a while ago, but I just watched the video preview and laughed out loud.

Off to hunt some dinner.
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My great fear about the test tomorrow is that I will get an essay question about Mesopotamian gender roles, or contrasting dynastic changes in China and Japan, but since I cannot control the GD essay question, and actually brought my tattered copy of the N.Y.S. Global History and Geography Regents Review Book out to dinner with me last night (read it at odd moments in the middle of T.G.I.Friday's), I have decided to LET THE STRESS GO. Before I do that, however! A few things.

FIRST, I feel compelled to mention that Wentworth Miller has given another interview in which he demonstrates his and my mfeo-ness. You will recall that in the Valentine's Day issue of People, he mentioned Hello by Lionel Richie as a favorite love song. LIONEL RICHIE. And then today I was reading his interview in TV Guide (during one of the several, lengthy study breaks I took today - I'm not a machine, people! I need some chill time! Probably not nearly as much chill time as I took, but still!), and found this exchange:

TV Guide: How do you pass the time when they're applying Michael's full-body tattoo?

Jess's Future Husband: I listen to my iPod. I watch old movies on a little TV/DVD set, like "His Girl Friday" or the original "The Hills Have Eyes."

Okay, I've never seen The Hills Have Eyes because I can't handle scary movies, but! HIS GIRL FRIDAY, people! It's like he's working his way through my icons and mentioning one in every interview. If he talks up Strictly Ballroom next, or Fred 'n Ginger, or Frank Capra, I'll really start to suspect.

[NOTE: I am fully aware that Wentworth Miller is not actually attempting to contact me via his interviews, and is not, in fact, my future husband. That honor is reserved for George Clooney.]

SECOND, I hope all of you have seen these spoiler pictures of an upcoming Prison Break episode. They involve Michael and Sara. I will say no more. Look how restrained I am being.

THIRD, do you think that Michael and Sucre are, like, the Cellblock Couple of Fox River? I mean, sure, Michael is constantly turning up all mysteriously injured and everything, but other than that, they have such a nice, warm, affectionate friendship, and, for all the rest of the inmates know, prison romance. He and Sucre hang out together all the time, chat with each other intensely, hang a sheet almost every night - I just keep picturing the other prisoners turning to their cellies, pointing at Michael and Sucre, all, "Why can't we be like that? Sucre never makes Michael wear short-shorts."

FOURTH, I should state for the record that I watched General Hospital in its entirety more than once this week. I seriously can't remember the last time this happened. I am genuinely enjoying several storylines! As much as I don't like the Emily/Sonny romance in and of itself (it seems kind of forced and weird to me), I do love the stuff that's happening as a result of it. And I may be alone in this, but I like the Sam/Alexis storyline a lot. Wednesday's episode was legitimately excellent in that department and the rest of the week was pretty good, too. And, of course, Patrick/Robin 4eva!

FIFTH, I don't know if you've heard, but the Mets are doing awesome this year. Go Mets!
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Every so often I get a little overzealous with my Proactiv and run out of the cleanser before my next batch arrives; this happened recently, and so I've been using some random Neutrogena scrub, which was probably the cause of my breakouts. I used my Proactiv again tonight and my skin does feel different - the thing is, when I was using the cleanser, it felt different. Not as gritty, as if they'd made the grit they put in it finer or something. But that may simply be because the grit in the Neutrogena scrub was huge.

Random note: It literally took me like fifteen minutes to come up with the term "gritty" which I'm still not completely satisfied, but is better than the next-best-thing I'd come up with, which was, "those small rocky things in the cleanser that probably don't do anything but at least give the illusion of exfoliating."

Anyway, my question is, for any of you out there who use Proactiv: Did the formula change at all? Or is it just me?

Randomly again: If you get the chance, I recommend checking out Troop 1500 on PBS. It's a documentary about a Girl Scout troop made up of girls whose mothers are in prison, and it was really excellent. I really want to know more about the girls and their mothers, but I can't get any concrete information anywhere. Also, I came in late to watching it, so I missed finding out why one of the mothers was in jail, the one who was in there for (by my caculation) at least twenty more years. What did she do? Did anyone else watch?
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I'm having one of those nights where I'm really hoping there aren't any medical emergencies in the near future, because the prospect of owning up to what I've consumed in the last few hours would be far too embarrassing. Chinese food played a major part, as did mini Twix bars. The most healthy thing I've had in the last six hours is orange juice - and I've had a lot of it. Do you think all of the Vitamin C offsets the MSG and saturated fat? I think so.

Am drinking the OJ because I have the sniffling sensation of a cold coming on. I am not allowed to come down with a cold. It is NOT PERMITTED. My CAPS LOCK will make sure that this DOES NOT HAPPEN. It might just be allergies; the weather is crazy here. It's supposed to be 70 tomorrow. All of my summer clothes are in the cedar closet! The only short-sleeved shirt I have that's remotely presentable is this weird purple color! What to wear it with? Especially at the end of the week, when my stockings supply is terribly low!

I know, I know, such a crisis.

In other news, I am having a television renaissance here. I have so much work to do and yet I can't stop watching primetime TV - not a good mix. When not watching primetime TV, I am visiting youtube and watching Scrubs and Seinfeld clips.

To that end:

From Scrubs, Grandfather Kennel

The clip title pretty much says it all.

Also from Scrubs, The Sacred Heart Air Band, Chris Turk, lead lip-syncer. Kind of a long clip, but I watch it through every time just to see Ted's face on the guitar solo.

From Seinfeld, the complete episode of The Marine Biologist, one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes. "The sea was angry that day, my friend. Like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli."

What I really want to do is quote George's whole speech, but it kind of ruins the ending of the episode if you haven't seen it yet.

One more TV note - is anyone else out there watching ER? I tune in occasionally, and tonight spoilers for tonight )

Off to grade. Joy.

toe pick!

Mar. 14th, 2006 06:48 pm
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I owe replies to comments and stuff, but had to give a heads up - The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold is going to be airing again tonight at 8PM on ABC Family. I mention this because I know some people may have missed the cheese the first time and would like to experience it. I still haven't seen the second half of the movie (got caught up in my to-do list last night), and may not get to see it tonight (so much to do! so sad!), but I will do my part to ensure that others do! That's the kind of gal I am!
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An hour from now, if I haven't done at least two more things on my to-do list, well, I am just plain NOT ALLOWED to watch the second half of The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold before I go to bed. NOT ALLOWED. I am declaring this PUBLICLY.

Fun fact: The guy who wrote the orginal Cutting Edge also wrote the screenplays for The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy. How could these three films have sprung from the same brain? To me, the only thing tying them together is the fact that I love each of them so very much.


ETA: I totally did the two things! Also, edited post a bit to clarify something.
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The internet is such a black hole. It swallows up my good intentions and academic drive to succeed. I came here for the specific purpose of digging up gossip about Genghis Khan, and yet somehow I find myself sitting here forty minutes later, typing up an LJ entry, after spending ten minutes desperately searching out General Hospital spoilers (after spending twenty minutes reading a variety of threads on TWoP, and checking my flist, and reading Dwight Schrute's blog), and do I have any new gossip about Genghis Khan? No! No, I do not!

Old gossip about Genghis Khan: I watched his A&E Biography yesterday, and it strongly implied that he and the head of another clan were an item. The Biography special didn't say it straight out, of course; Dramatic Intonation Guy said, "'Genghis and [Other Clan Leader] were said to be great friends, closer than brothers. They slept together in the same bed for one and a half years, making Genghis's wife jealous.' - The Secret History of the Mongols."

It ended like so many love stories do: With one taking over a good chunk of Eurasia, and the other being brought before him to be executed. Genghis, the old softy, had to leave the room while his old pal was being killed. A shocking show of sentimentality, considering he killed his brother over a fish when he was thirteen or so.


I really think it's important that more people watch General Hospital and talk to me about how adorable Patrick and Robin are. I don't know why I find them so cute, but I do. I want them to bicker and fight viruses together and I want one of them to fall victim to the man-made mutant strain of encephalitis (these are all words that have often been used on GH recently), and I want the other to stand by all nervous, and wonder Why He/She Did Not Realize How Much He/She Mattered. Is that so much to ask? Is it? I'm being forced to watch Emily pant after Sonny! Give me something, GH! I've given you almost eleven years of uninterrupted viewing! Have you no reciprocal loyalty?
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First of all: Of course attacks on embassies are never funny. Still, I feel the need to pass along my confusion upon first seeing the headline at the top of my Gmail window – "Embassies torched in cartoon fury" – because even though common sense dictated that the author of the article could not possibly mean that some kind of Renegade Cartoon Faction had bombed an embassy, I still had to wonder: Were the hand-drawn feeling threatened by computer animation? Angry at Pixar? Mistakenly aiming their ire at a nation instead of a corporation (as so many disgruntled people have in the past)?

The fury was, of course, over a cartoon, not led by cartoon characters. (link here)

In other news: There is major stress at Casa Jess because Scout, the elder cat, has developed a limp. Within seconds of seeing it, I had diagnosed her with bone cancer and begun making preparations for her passing – a bit premature, as it turns out she just twisted it or got some kind of bite-that-didn't-break-the-skin. I know this because I spent four hours of my Saturday sitting in emergency vet clinics, where I met two (2) very nice vets, and one (1) slightly-horrifying vision of my future self.

We were at our second vet of the evening (the first vet's X-Ray machine having gone on the fritz), and ended up seated about fifteen feet away from a woman, her cat, and her mother. I was there with a cat and my mother, so I felt something of a kinship to her, which she detected since, about thirty seconds after we got in, she started confiding in me about her cat, whom she'd accidentally given her own medication.

Crazy Lady: An Ativan! So she should be calm! Ha! Haha!

Self: Ha ha, yes.

CL: I didn't even know I'd given it to her, only my mother noticed I'd dropped the first pill I tried to give the cat, and she said to me, 'What's that pill there-'

Crazy Lady's Mom: It was after she stood up, because she was sitting on the pill.

CL: Haha, yeah, I was sitting on it! Sitting on the pill!

CLM: And it was the wrong pill.

CL: That's right! The wrong pill! I gave the cat the wrong pill! So she should be calm! Ha! Haha!

[Reaches in to pet cat, who hisses and yowls.]

CL: Not calm yet! At least she's not constipated.

Self: . . .

CL: I'm always worried about her being constipated. One time I thought she was, but it was just that she wasn't eating. I noticed something was wrong because there wasn't any poop, but then the vet felt around and said that there just wasn't anything in her belly – isn't it amazing that they can do that? But they can! So they gave her a barium GI and it cured the problem itself. They didn't see anything wrong on the GI but after the barium, she was fine! They said the barium cured it! Haha!

Self: Wow!

CL: I still can't figure how they got the barium in the cat, though. Just can't see the cat lapping up the barium, you know?

Self: Me either!

CL: Did I tell you that she weighs six pounds?

Anyway, it was an experience! Really, a very nice lady, and honestly, there but for the grace of God go I, because I do think that most of us (or maybe just me) are just barely on the sane side of the crazy divide, and one too many bad breaks, or a mixup in the chemical cocktail that is our brain, and over we go to the other side. Maybe I'm already there and don't know it! My mother has been trying to get me to take some of her leftover tranquilizers lately, as I've been so stressed out – something to watch.

P.S. How awesome is General Hospital lately? I'm totally into the sweeps story, and also, I think Robin and Patrick are adorable, which is really all I need - one couple to root for. Add in cool characters from the past, and high drama from a deadly virus - does it get any better? I think not!

four items

Feb. 2nd, 2006 02:19 am
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1. I can't find my GD cell phone. I blame my subconscious self, who is, I believe, attempting to keep me within my alloted daytime minutes by refusing my conscious, too-chatty self access to the phone. Stupid subconscious.

2. Project Runway is awesome.

3. Somewhere in me there's a series of posts about Astaire/Rogers movies to go along with all those icons I uploaded ages ago, but here's something quick I thought of when I looked at my default icon in the corner of my Update Journal window here - in Swing Time, Ginger plays Penelope "Penny" Carroll and Fred plays John "Lucky" Garnett and it was only after I'd seen the movie at LEAST five times that I realized the pun. Isn't that sad?

4. You should all totally see Swing Time asap. It is awesome. I bet it's even more awesome if you're clever enough to get the punny jokes the first time around, as I'm confident all of you are.


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