Apr. 20th, 2001 01:53 am
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Day two draws to a close. This is mad fun.


Apr. 19th, 2001 02:00 am
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So my first day with an online journal has come to a close. It's pretty damn cool, I must say, and I fear that it may become fiercely addictive.

I'm now contemplating bed, but the act of going to bed is such a process for me that I seriously believe that I lose about an hour of sleep a night because of it. I have to go to the end of the dorm hallway, carrying my night-time Jess maintenance stuff, then brush my teeth/wash my face/remove the contacts, then come back here and put on a series of anti-breakout creams, and by then I'm usually awake again. Why can't I just hop right over to that oh-so-comfy looking bed instead of engaging myself in a ten-to-fifteen minute routine?


Probably because I really don't want to wake up the next morning with my contacts glued to my eyes, many and varied zits, and stank-ass breath.

(though, i must confess, that if there is a night where I'm just Too Damn Tired to do the whole thing, teeth brushing is sometimes the first thing to go. Isn't that awful? It says so much about my priorities, my shallowness. Teeth: irreplaceable. Skin: wait a week, it'll be fine. But I'm single, and no one's gonna be near enough to my teeth in the early AM to realize their grody-ness or smell the skanky-ness, but people will definitely be able to see the bigass zit on my nose, so the teeth get dissed. Isn't that awful?)

That was probably a bit on the TMI side, but oh well. You are all at the mercy of my rambly-ness.

Ooh, clock-check. Bad idea. Must be up far, far too soon. I'm off to begin evening ritual (complete with teeth-brushing).
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I just checked out the profile area of my little live journal and noticed that in the "friends" section it says "None listed" instead of just "None" (which would make one feel pretty loseresque, even if one was aware that one did have friends, just no livejournal friends). Little kindnesses like that can kind of restore my faith in the world, oddly enough. It's like how they say "And the award goes to" instead of "The winner is" on the Oscars -- I mean, there's something incredibly and amazingly stupid in the statement (we all know that we think of whoever gets the Oscar as the winner), but there is a little bit of kindness there, of a little bit of looking out for someone's feelings.

Know what I mean?
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After several false starts I've decided to go the High School writing class route -- the ever popular free write! Whatever ends up in this little box is what's going to go up as my first entry, no matter how inane and stupid and altogether dull (and let's not forget grammatically flawed)it is.

Name's Jess. I'm an utterly directionless college student who, as this journal attests, is always looking for ways to put off potentially productive activities. Perhaps this, like free cell before it, will serve as my main method of work and real-world avoidance.

One can only hope.

Anyway, off to see if this works. Catch ya on the flip side . . .


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