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Which is to say: My last day at the soul-sucking job at Acronym Company was Friday and ever since my soul (if not my hips) has felt twenty pounds lighter. I walked out of there Friday night over an hour late, but I had finished up all of the things I felt needed finishing, and had effecively cleaned up or hidden all the messes I'd created, so when I stepped into the wind-tunnel that was the company parking lot at that hour, I practically skipped and yelled for joy. And then I called Annie on my cell phone and bellowed into her ear for a few minutes, in a conversation that consisted mostly of the following:

Me: Annie!

Annie: Hello! What?

Me: It's Jess! I'm done with the evil job!




Anyway, the important thing is, I'M DONE, and my poor successor will have to deal with the six customer service positions advertised in the newspaper this weekend. OMG, applications will be coming in through the WINDOWS and I will not have to sort/log/test/do ANYTHING with regard to them. This is so awesome.

On my last day they had a little luncheon in my honor, where they thanked me for my help, and asked me about my plans, and generally made me feel uncomfortable because (a) I hate being the center of attention, and (b) I hate being asked about my plans (mostly because I have none). It was nice but I generally like to slink out of office situations unnoticed. But S. my cubicle neighbor gave me a going-away gift of M&Ms and Candy Canes (she knows me SO WELL!), and she was a cool person I may keep in touch with, so, you know, happy ending there.


Now I just have to deal with the lack of cashflow. Whatev. I have no life, ergo, few expenses.

**This LJ entry is interrupted for the following news break**

It has just been brought to my attention that Justin Timberlake and Lionel Richie will be co-hosting 'Motown 45' - some kind of music clips show. Dude. LIONEL RICHIE AND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! This is CLEARLY a sign that one or both of them are trying to get my attention because, seriously? LIONEL RICHIE AND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! Of all of the music celebrities of past and present, Justin is going to co-host with the ONE MUSIC PERSONALITY OTHER THAN JC CHASEZ I HAVE AS AN LJ ICON!! Clearly this is a subtle signal to me, one that says, "Jessica, my darling, our time is almost here. Be prepared to move at a moment's notice. Cameron can be sent packing within the hour once I give my signal. The dog barks at midnight. And every time I sign Senorita, I *am* singing to you, my little Black Irish Temptress*."

*Hey, we Black Irish *are* theoretically of Spanish descent. Justin is merely reaching out to me in the language of my (possible) distant ancestors!

Or, you know, maybe their agents just got together and decided it would be a good way to cross generational boundaries or something.

**This concludes the news (and disturbing window into Jess's psyche) bulletin**

My brother went back to school today, and my father had to go down to the City for an arbitration, so he decided to just drop Jimmy back at college on the way. Which is, you know, a sensible plan, if you're not aware of the players involved. We have:

JIMMY JOE: Patriarch, fearless leader, wearer of boleros and velcro Wal-Mart sneakers.

JIMMY CY: Son, brewer, boy who still forgets to brush his teeth on occasion.

PEG: Long-suffering wife and mother.

JESS: Daughter, sister, innocent bystander.

Anyway! Because my mother thinks my brother and father (and, well, me, on occasion) have the observational and planning skills of a well-trained monkey, she spent the bulk of the day shouting, about how my father's stuff should be in the backseat and my brother's stuff in the trunk. Oh, and also telling us that my brother's stuff should be in the trunk and my father's stuff in the backseat. Oh, and my father's stuff? In the backseat, so that my brother's could be in the trunk.

Naturally, the two boys put one of my father's bags in the trunk, so that my brother, while unpacking the trunk, left it next to the car in the parking lot of his college, thinking that my father would see it before leaving for the city. Of course, he didn't. Neither did anyone else, save campus security two hours later, who arrived knocking on my brother's dorm room door with the bag in hand, after tracing it back to my brother due to the small nametag attached to it (by, of course, my mother).

My brother, naturally, called my mother and since my father recently narrowly cheated death after a brutal car accident, he began the conversation with, "Mom, I have some really bad news."

My mother, after recovering from the near-coronary, promptly flipped out at my brother for both the news he brought and the way he relayed it. Then followed about three hours of my mother desperately trying to get a hold of my father at his hotel, and planning some way for my father to get the bag before the next day because, this wasn't just any ole bag. This was the bag with my father's shoes, and ties, and underwear, and, oh yeah, MY LAPTOP which he had borrowed for the week.

I got on the phone with my brother when I arrived home to find my mother mid-freakout re: the whole situation, and thanked him for taking such care of my one worldly possession. Left it in a parking lot! For hours! My little laptop!

Anyway. We finally got a hold of my father at his hotel after about an hour and a half of trying, and getting to know the lady manning the phones at his hotel very well, only to have the following conversation:

Dad: (in his Most Annoyed Voice) HELLO!

Me: Dad, listen, Jimmy has –


Me: Wait, it's about –

Dad: (click)

I hung up and stared at my mother, both of us realizing that at this point, (a) my father has realized the bag is lost, and (b) is angry about it, but (c) has not realized that he left it at my brother's. So I frantically called back, only to get no answer. I pictured my father tearing through the trunk and backseat of his car, frantic, only to realize I had seriously undersold my father's craziness, for when my mother finally got on the phone with him ten minutes later and told him my brother had the bag, there was this awful five-second pause before my father said, "Oh my God, I have to go, I accused the bellhop guy of losing it and I've got the entire hotel staff LOOKING FOR THIS BAG! I was about to THREATEN TO SUE! Call you back."

And then he disappeared again.

Anyway, my father smoothed over the ruffled feathers with the hotel staff, and after a few frantic phone calls it was arranged that my brother will go down to deliver the bag after his class tomorrow (my father will have to shop for underwear/razor/other assorted goodies in the hotel gift shop for tomorrow), and then the fearless Jim Squared Duo will go out to dinner. "To celebrate our stupidity," my father said. In our family, everything gets celebrated with a dinner out, from birthdays to surviving the workweek to forgetting important pieces of luggage. A nice tradition, I think.
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JC loves Trading Spaces. I had three reactions to this in quick succession:

(1) Eeeeeee!

(2) Well, of course he does! We are soulmates! It makes sense that we have the same taste in home decorating programs!

(3) I wonder who his favorite designer is.

Because really, anyone who's an honest-to-goodness TS fan has a favorite designer. Mine? Vern. I would guess that for JC as well, mostly because I think Vern is SO FABULOUS that there's no way he couldn't be someone's favorite, but would place Genevieve as the dark horse. I think he'd like her funkiness.

He writes poetry and goes on ebay. And. Just. I love him so much.

I'm going to go try to sleep off my lameness. Since it's been a constant companion for most of my life, especially during these recent years of NSYNC-obsession, I don't think it will work, but one must always try.
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Clearly we must initiate a campaign to get JC nominated for -- wait for it -- Best Original Song for the Oscars. This must happen because it would accomplish the twin goals of:

(1) Getting JC in a public place in formalwear, possibly a tux,


(2) Possibly motivating JC to trim his 'do. Which I love! For my love for JC and his hair is unconditional. It's just that there are some squalls in the sea of my unconditional love whenever his hair gets dangerously mullet-esque, and I think the Oscars could motivate JC to go in for some maintenance that could keep him away from mullet territory for a bit.

and! Forgot this when I started writing this entry, but how could I forget? The third (triplet?) goal of:

(3) Seeing a live performance!

Come on. It Must Happen! What would Drumline have been without Blowing Me Up (With Her Love)? Didn't its thirty-second appearance advance the storyline immeasurably? "Come on baby/don't ignore me/I know what you're/feeling for me" -- doesn't that cut to the heart of the film much in the way the lyrics to "My Heart Will Go On" did Titanic? And yes, I did put in those line breaks completely randomly. Because I Have That Kind of Power (or at least I do within the confines of my LJ). And, also, I Do Not Have The Actual Song Lyrics On Hand.

And now I'm off to type up a deposition memo with BMU(WHL) in my head. Fingers crossed that there aren't random interjections of people imploring other people to get naughty with them, or praising the sexy way they back into one another, or how any one of them is like disco lights on a Friday night or any other light fixture.

Off to party with the dictaphone...
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Operation Stay Behind The Times was co-sponsored today by the Evil Temp Job and my forgetful nature, respectively, and so I sit here typing up a pointless entry while I wait for the 11:30 showing of Making the Video. So excited!! I missed the first one because the ETJ does not liberate me until 5:30 and I forgot to set my VCR this morning. Now every self-respecting obsessed fan except me has seen it. I feel like I'm going to lose my street cred.

Speaking of street cred, or utter lack thereof, I seriously until recently had the following thought every time I heard LILY: "He just loves her for her brain? Justin! That is so evolved of you! Respecting a woman's intelligence and loving her for it!"

And that is all.
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Just finished up watching the FX movie about Bobby Kennedy and man, I don't know what it is -- maybe the combination of being Irish, Catholic, from the Northeast and also a member of a close extended family -- but the Kennedys just kill me every time. I remember when John Jr. went down in his plane a couple years ago, I had to go in to work for my summer job and called home every ten minutes to see if they had found him floating safe and sound off the coast of Nantucket or something. It's like they're family: I don't care what they do, what trouble they get in, no matter what, I will always love the Kennedys. They're like my long-lost third cousins twice removed and you know, family's family. Family can do no wrong. Ergo the Kennedys can do no wrong. See, my insane devotion makes sense!

Anyway, the RFK thing: I am in no means an unbiased person when it comes to Kennedy-based productions, so I say nothing. I was into it. I may or may not have cried a few times. Again, remember the Kennedy fixation. They are my people! If only they would realize this and bestow upon me a small chunk of the family fortune.

My day contained two exciting events that both centered around trips to the grocery store. Trips as in multiple journeys; I had to go twice, which was annoying but not unfamiliar. I routinely visit the grocery store multiple times a day because I always, always, always forget stuff. Even when I have a list. Often when I have a list. Today I even forgot something on my second trip but was too lazy to go back for it.

Anyway! I was in a bit of a funk on the way to the store, but then I heard Elvis's "In the Ghetto" on the oldies station and that perked me right up. Is that not the funniest song ever? I believe it's from that fabulous Elvis film co-starring Mary Tyler Moore as an undercover nun, Change of Habit. Also highly recommended.

Speaking of unintentionally funny songs, does anyone else out there crack up whenever they hear that song "Hero" from the Spiderman soundtrack? There's just something about the rugged, impassioned delivery that cracks me up every time. I swear, it doesn't get much better than to be sitting in my car, over-emoting with sweeping hand gestures while belting out "love would all save us/but how could that be/look what love gave us/a world full of killing/and bloodspilling/and blah blah." Good times, man. I lead a very full life.

Anyway! As I was saying! Exciting Grocery Store Event Numero Uno: I used the sticker machine on the way out of the grocery store because how much self control do I have? If you answered "none," boys and girls, you get the gold star! Bought yet another sticker, justifying the purchase with the thought that perhaps the sticker machine would one day run out and there would be no more *NSYNC stickers EVER! And how tragic would that be? I must take advantage of the sticker machine while I can! I put in my fifty cents and got ready to get my usual grainy super-early Sync sticker and what did I get? Why a NO STRINGS ERA STICKER! How exciting is that?! I am thinking that perhaps they restocked the machine! With later pictures! Andtheyaresobeautiful! I was starting to think I had purchased all of the stickers in there, but now who knows how many mysterious No Strings era stickers there are in there? The possibilities are endless! How very exciting!

Again, I live a very thrilling life.

Then I came home and parked my car in its usual spot in the street and had a long internal debate over locking the doors. Honestly, I probably don't have to, since I live in a quiet neighborhood and really, there are far nicer cars, well, everywhere, so I doubt anyone's going to be taking mine. Anyway, I had an extended internal debate over car safety and maintenance (ultimately deciding to lock all doors to, if nothing else, create a good habit) before getting out to unload the groceries.

I went around to the back of the car and started unloading groceries out of the trunk, leaning a bit on the back of the car while doing so. "Hm," I thought to myself, "How odd. The car moved a little bit when I leaned in." I didn't think much of it and continued unloading, and then realized that the car WASN'T STOPPING. And then I looked into the car and saw that -- dun dun DUN! -- I hadn't put the emergency brake on! The car was rolling down the street and I had like six bags of groceries in my hands!

At first I did the most rational thing one could do in such a situation -- plant your feet, grab hold of the back of the car, and try to stop it with brute strength. This method apparently works only if one is a superhero, or at least a regular visitor to the gym. I then decided that I'd have to get in the car and turn off the brake that way, and spent like ten seconds trying to disengage all of the grocery bags from my wrists while watching the car slowly pick up speed. I got so that I only had the bag with the gallon of milk on my left arm and decided to throw caution to the wind and just jump into action with the milk attached to my arm.

Of course, immediately after jumping into action, the bag untangled and I ended up dropping the milk in the middle of the road before jogging (ok, not quite jogging, more like walking briskly) alongside the renegade station wagon. I cursed myself for letting Sensible!Jess win the internal car safety debate over Lazy!Jess, thusly making the whole deal even more annoying because I had to dig out my keys to get the stupid door open. It was very dramatic and action movie-esque, except for the part where there was no real danger and the whole episode was moving at a snail's pace.

Anyhoo, in the end I emerged triumphant! I stopped the car, kicked it into reverse and backed the car back into its original spot with the driver's side door open, naturally knocking over the gallon of milk with said driver's side door along the way. (The milk remained unharmed. Those plastic gallon jugs are tough, man.)

Have to go back to work tomorrow, which means I have to go to bed at a sensible hour tonight, which makes me bitter and angry. I want to stay online! I want to read LJ! I owe people emails! There is all this fic out there I want to read but haven't had the chance to, what with work and seeing friends and chasing down renegade station wagons eating up my time!

Off to hit the sack. The sack=brother's couch, that is, since my parents have decided that my room smells too much like Raid for me to be sleeping in there. I'm all, thanks, guys, I've already been sleeping in there like three nights now. Thanks for the heads up, hope there is no irreparable brain damage.

Off to the vaguely smelly couch!


Jul. 30th, 2002 05:52 pm
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I am back! I had, like, the best vacation! I will share in mind-numbing detail, no doubt, later on. But for now, I must say a few simple things:

(1) It was so much fun!

(2) I love *NSYNC as an entity and JC in particular SO MUCH! I am crazy with The Love! I should consider hospitalization.

(3) It was so! much! fun!

(4) Meeting Kaelie live and in person was the best, though I'm sure now that she knows what a spastic freak I am, she will no longer associate with me. I'm calling you out here, man! If you're going to ignore me from now on, you'll have to say so here!

More details to follow. Peace out, all!
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I went to the bookstore this evening because I have become completely hooked on Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum mystery series. Like, so hooked that I finished the second one today and had to drive to the bookstore tonight to get the third.

Except!!! I got there and it wasn't there! I was SO UPSET! So upset that I naturally fell back on one of my many shameful addictions and found myself in the Young Adult section of the bookstore trying to pick something out.

I went up to purchase my young adult novel of choice and there was a woman at the register, which I found somewhat comforting because I always feel that there's a small chance that the woman will also be a closet Young Adult Novel reader. Not so with guys, who for some reason I can never see purchasing, say, the entire Roswell High series (Not all at once! But still: I am so sad. They were funny books! Very addictive.). Anyway, I was all comforted and then just as I got to the register, the woman walked away to go on break and a guy came up and took over! And I was all thrown and for some reason the shameful part of my shameful young adult novel addiction burst out full-force and I found myself getting a bit nervous while placing the slender volume down on the counter, and then I was struck with a blow of self-loathing for being so neurotic and even caring what other people think.

The guy rang up my book without comment, though I do think I caught a bit of an odd look (whatev), and then I went to open my wallet to pay and oh! What's that? Why yes, it is my wallet-sized JC picture right there for all the world to see, having taken up residence in the driver's license section of my wallet because, as we've established, I'm a moron and I lost my license. And to make it even better, I somehow placed JC in my wallet upside down, so that he was facing Cashier Boy instead of me, wallet owner, for Maximum Embarrassment Effect. He definitely gave me a weird look after that.

And then I went over to the newspapers and waited for my brothers. While waiting, I read a bit on the SEC while to reassure myself (and Cashier Boy, since I was in his sight) that I can read grown up things, dammit, and then hated myself for even caring what Cashier Boy thought. Because! Who cares?

But then I remembered that I'm neurotic and I do care what people think even though I shouldn't. I mean, does the fact that I'm obsessed with *NSYNC and I don't read grown up books all the time really MEAN anything?

Of course it does! It means I'm destined to be twelve forever! I just have to somehow become Okay With That. Which I don't think I will.

And so I continue my charade of being a normal, well-adjusted 22 year old.


Jul. 12th, 2002 02:24 am
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I went into this LJ-entry thinking, "Ok, must get a grip. Must post SOMETHING non *NSYNC-related to give the people on my friends list the impression that I'm not completely insane, that I am well-adjusted with a rich, full life outside of *NSYNC since all I talk about in here are *N-Pens to counter fits of fan hysteria, my trip to Orlando, and my undying love for JC. No *NSYNC in this entry! None at all!" Especially since there are some people on my Friends list who have zilch interest in *NSYNC.

And then I found myself standing in my bedroom freeze-framing moments from DRIVEN and, well, I just had to share.

the chasez booty )
Just for those who are not interested in the chasez booty, a brief list of today's events that do not involve any boyband members.

I saw Three Kings again tonight, which is one of my favorite movies of the last few years. I just. I think it's really cool. I won't go on because I can feel the teenie fangirl coming out, and that comes out enough in my LJ, so moving on.

Oh! Another movie I saw part of today and am now mildly obsessed with! Cafe Ole. Pretend I put the accenty things in the right place, I can never figure out special characters in LJ. Anyway, it was on Women's Entertainment today and I got totally sucked in, I don't know why but I just did, and now I totally want to rent it to see the whole thing but I don't know if it even made it to video! A man who has never left his home meets an illegal immigrant from Chile and they fall in love! And I don't know why I enjoyed it so much, but I did! To the point that I felt the need to tell Annie its whole plot (at length) when she called me from work, even though she was getting calls constantly and probably wanted to hang up. Because that's the kind of friend I am.

And that's all for now. Peace out.


Jul. 10th, 2002 03:06 am
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I think there should be Epi-Pens for intense bouts of NSYNC Love. Like, they have them for Diabetics and people with intense food allergies, why not another important, suffering portion of the population? Well, maybe not suffering, but certainly possibly dangerous. God knows how many people I could injure should Up Against the Wall be released as a single and I hear it in the car.

Read more about the *N-Pen. You know you want to. )
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Setting: Our living room.
Background Noise: Celebrity/Legends Softball Game on ESPN
The Participants: Me and my 18 year old brother, Jimmy, aka Jim, aka The Brother.

Me: Jimmy, you know how Annie and I are going to Orlando?

Jimmy: No.

Me: What do you mean, no?

Jimmy: You're going to Orlando?

Me: In like two and a half weeks.

Jimmy: Oh.

Me: You didn't know?

Jimmy: No.

Me: How could you not -- anyway, GUESS who -- nevermind.

Jimmy: Nevermind?

Me: Nevermind.

Jimmy: What.

Me: Nothing.

Jimmy: What?!

Me: Nothing!

Jimmy: Come on, now you've got to tell me.

Me: Ok, so while we're in Orlando, we're going to this celebrity basketball thing, and guess who's going to be there?

Jimmy: I hate guessing.

Me: Guess! Guess who.

Jimmy: I don't know! Quit asking me to guess.

Me: Alfonso Ribiero, aka CARLTON BANKS!

Jimmy: ....

Me: Isn't that exciting?

Jimmy: No. Why would that be exciting?

Me: It's Carlton! Nevermind.

Jimmy: That's it? Why wouldn't you tell me at first?

Me: Well, I didn't really want to talk about the basketball game. It's kind of, well. Nevermind.

Jimmy: WHAT?

Me: I just don't like to talk about it.

Jimmy: Will NSYNC be there?

Me: No. I mean, maybe. Ok, yes.

Jimmy: Oh. I still don't see what the big deal--wait, you're not going down to Orlando JUST FOR THE BASKETBALL GAME, are you?

Me: Pshaw! No! Of course not! Who would do such a thing?

Jimmy: Ok.

Me: Duh. I'm going for the Celebrity Skills Challenge too, and the Groove thing. Not just a basketball game.*

*That last comment from me may not have been my exact words, since I do want to remain a teensy bit rational and sane in my brother's eyes.
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Bizarre Development: Am college graduate! So freaky! Wore the cap and gown, marched through campus, the whole nine. Have moved back home to ponder my marvelous lack of a job or set career path. I'm trying to be Zen and believe that everything will work out, while internally freaking out.

Actually, the truth is, I'm still so much enjoying the not having to write papers/go to classes thing, along with the not having to scrape together my every last dime to go to the grocery store now that the graduation gifts have come in, that the post-graduate panic has yet to set in.

It will all work out! Right? Right. Right!

In other news: The Orlando Cat is out of The Bag. I was planning on telling the Parental Units that I was going down to Orlando with Annie just for the heck of it. Post-college fun trip for me, pre-Ranger School trip for her. Wild wacky adventures! In...Orlando! Because that's where all the wild and crazy young adults go on vacation.

Anyway, I've been skating around the issue of why, exactly, we chose Orlando on the weekend of the 27th in July until today when after hours of intense questioning (read: a thirty second exchange in our air conditioned kitchen) it was discovered that,

Mom: Is NSYNC in Orlando? Are you going down there to see NSYNC?

Me: I'm not saying anything!

Mom: You girls should have a good time.

I wish I could be a cool young twenty-something and not be obsessed with JC's every movement and not, you know, be going down to the other side of the Continental United States to watch him play a basketball game. Am so very pathetic.

Speaking of The Patheticness of Jess: Went to a used bookstore yesterday and stocked up on cheesy young adult books. Love them SO MUCH! Just finished In Real Life I'm Just Kate, a compelling novel about a seventeen year old girl who is forced to take a role on a soap opera after her actor father loses his job so that the family won't lose their house. Drama! Intrigue! Angst! Big, big fun. The book was dedicated to Denise Alexander, Genie Francis, and Anthony Geary, among others. Those who know who those three are will know why I had to check the book out.

Am now torn about which new purchase I should read next. One option: Save The Last Dance For Me, a book based on -- get this -- DIRTY DANCING! I could not BELIEVE it when I found it! I was alternately ecstatic (Dude! Further adventures in the Dirty Dancing Universe!) and angry because dude, how could I have missed these when I was nine and obsessed with the movie? Then I looked them over and now I suspect they were only sold in Canada, the U.K., and the like, and so I was less disappointed in my former self for not finding it earlier. The other option? You Can Never Go Home Again, chosen because of its tag line: "He's hot, he's wild...and he's dead." So, which will it be? The tale of a girl with an attic haunted by a 1950s smartmouthed biker? Or further adventures in the Dirty Dancing universe?

Just opened up the Dirty Dancing book and the decision is made: Baby's back at Kellerman's? Her parents have broken up?? Zee drama!! Must read more.

Maybe it would be easier for me to find a job/career if I let my taste in literature advance beyond a sixth grade reading level. But then again, if reading bad young adult novels from the early/mid 1980s is wrong, I don't want to be right!


Jun. 2nd, 2002 08:39 pm
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The unexpected was the theme of the day, it seems, and I'll put the most faboo surprise first: my (two weeks early) graduation present from [Annie's] mother. Annie and I met to see Undercover Brother, and before I even got in the mall I saw Annie walking across the parking lot with this bigass package. It was a package for me! So exciting! A graduation present two weeks early!

I opened the card which was really very nice, and contained a note to the effect of "I hope this gift will inspire you in life's next journey" or something so I was standing there in the parking lot trying to guess what was in this (very heavy) package. Something inspirational? Whatever could it be? And it was very inspirational! Because what could be more inspirational than...


I freaked out in the parking lot. Like, jumped up and down and doubled over laughing and basically lost control of my motor functions. Because! BOBBLEHEAD DOLLS! aldkjfa;lkj!!

It was so exciting!

So now they're sitting on the shelf above my computer staring off into the distance and I can just kick my desk whenever I want their heads to bobble. They are so cute! A little scary but cute! And I love them!


I had put the package down on the car next to mine because my car, a station wagon, lacked the convenient flat surface to rest the package on. Three minutes into my Bobblehead Freak Out, I heard this voice in the distance call "Nice car you've got there" and who is it but the owner of the vehicle! Who I vaguely recognize as a fellow student at and hockey player for my college! Who happens to have three people in tow who I vaguely recognize as fellow students as well! I was all "Oh my God! I'm sorry!" and then grabbed the bobblehead dolls and dove behind my station wagon to hide them and do my best not to die of embarrassment.

After I recovered from my fit, we stashed the dolls in my car and went into the mall to see Undercover Brother which was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. And while there something funny and unexpected happened too, but it is a funny movie surprise that I'm not sure people would want ruined for them and so I'll hide it behind a cut tag here.

Undercover Brother Wackiness )

NSYNC Bobbleheads! Woot woot!
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..and I did not, in fact, wet myself. Neither did [Annie], which was a major accomplishment because we had -- wait for it -- THIRD ROW PIT SEATS! No words can express the joy of THIRD ROW PIT SEATS and so I call on the trusty old incoherent typing fit:


While we did retain control of our bodily functions, we also achieved new, more frightening levels of Love for *NSYNC. I mean, before the concert I thought I had hit the limit, that I had reached the peak of the *NSYNC Luv Mountain, if you will. But I was wrong! Oh, how wrong I was!

I love them all SO MUCH! To a degree that can only be expressed by an incoherent typing fit!!! ;LDAKJFLKAJG!!!!!

So! Much!

Now I must begin the long, drawn out, mostly boring for people who weren't there saga of Friday, April 19th, aka The Day I Saw the Blue of JC's Eyes Live and In Person (TDIStBoJCELaIP).

Read on, brave soul. Scroll to the bottom for NSYNC stuff )
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Yes, I'm here to spamify your LJ friends pages yet again. Reasons for hiatus will be explained in another entry, but right now I must announce that I went to see *NSYNC in Hartford this past Friday and yes, it was a religious experience from which I have not yet fully recovered. Because I am possibly the most long-winded person in the history of time, I've been working on my write-up on my concert experience on and off since Friday night and am now two and a half pages in and haven't even gotten in line to get in the arena yet.

Short version: OMG! It was UNBELIEVABLE! a;ldksjal;kj!!! I love them SO MUCH! And did I mention we had THIRD ROW PIT SEATS??? AS;LKDJAL;KJG!!!

Longer description to follow.

In non-Sync related doings, am at school in body but not in spirit, as seen by my inability to do anything resembling schoolwork. Have also reached a state of self-loathing re: the messiness of my room. Hate self for being such a slob and yet refuse to do anything about it, simply move piles of crap from place to place to gain access to different parts of the room. Just now I removed the crap on my bed and stuffed it into random dresser drawers and under the bed. Cannot believe I let myself get to such a state where I think I may harm myself if I don't tread carefully walking around the room.

While I'm on the subject of my suckitude, I owe emails to approximately 85,000 people. Replies, fb, the whole nine. I owe everything. Am feeling massive guilt.

In other news: Have had this LJ a little over a year, I just noticed. Perhaps I will have a LJ-retrospective in the next couple of days. A whole year! I can't believe it.


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