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I was talking to a friend recently (you know who you are!) who revealed to me that she had NEVER SEEN Lionel Richie's incredible video for the song Hello. I was shocked. Shocked! And then when she asked me about it, I realized that I couldn't really remember it, and said something like, "Well, see, he's blind, or maybe she is, and there's this sculpture thing? I can't remember! It's awesome, though!"

And so I went to the source of all awesomeness - aka YouTube - and found the video, which was all that I remembered it to be AND MORE.

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

I had forgotten SO MANY THINGS!

(1) The opening minute or so is almost beyond belief. Lionel as drama teacher, setting up a scene! And then he sits back to watch and, after staring in this longing/lustful way at the blind girl, BURSTS INTO SONG. It happens multiple times throughout the song, and never stops being hilarious. Especially when he bursts out with an emphatic "Hello!" and looks like my cat trying to get rid of a hairball.

(2) The main thing I forgot about the video was that it's SO CREEPY! He basically stalks her, which is all the more disturbing because she can't see that he's there.

(3) And!! He's her teacher, and I first assumed he was her professor, but then they show her at lockers and taking a bunch of classes in one building, and there are bells ringing in the halls, and I was forced to wonder if she was supposed to be in high school. !!! Which ups the creep level significantly.

(4) I think the last thirty seconds of the video could be sent to the archives as the definition of cheese.

Oh, Lionel! I've tried to explain why I own his greatest hits, and, well, I don't know! The songs make me laugh, but not in a completely mocking way. I totally sing along to them with all my power, and there is something endearing about the earnestness of his songs, even if they are ridiculous. Maybe because they are ridiculous! I love it.
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I've spent an insane amount of time over the past few days binging on Harry Potter fan fiction. I always know I'm reading too much of it when I start becoming really, honestly upset that I can't do magic myself. One little Accio spell! Accio, glass of water!

Sadly, still no magical abilities, and so I sit here thirsty, writing up this LJ entry. The thirst is especially annoying because I have a big glass of water on the nightstand next to me which I cannot drink because I walked in here and discovered Scout the kitty buried whisker-deep in it. I may be a crazy cat lady in the making, but I draw the line at sharing beverages. At least for now.

Today I was stopped at a light downtown with my windows open and the radio on, my car's default setting because I live in fear of my AC dying and thusly try to use it as little as possible, jammin' to one of my favorite songs -- King of the Road. I was having a grand ole time, trying to figure out exactly how much a four bit room would cost in modern terms, when I realized that the guy crossing the road in front of me was staring at me and laughing. Actually laughing! And then I realized how loudly my radio was blasting -- like, as loud as most teenagers' jacked up pickups blasting...oh God, I am so terminally uncool, I can't even come up with a trendy modern rap act. Easy listening has turned me into my grandmother! I knew it would happen, I just didn't think it would happen so FAST!

Anyway. It was a funny moment. Maybe you had to be there.

I was going to write a long paragraph about my embarrassing HP fic reading tendencies, but it's very late and, also, I'm kind of embarrassed. Perhaps another day!
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I swear, there is nothing that can be made better by locking oneself in a confined space, blasting DMX's Up In Here, and prancing about like a spazz on speed. All my rough riders will *indeed* be meeting me out back, I'm quite sure.

It is kind of frightening to realize that even while giving a rousing rap performance, I am incapable of not flailing my arms about in a pale imitation of Celine Dion mid-power ballad. Minus chest-thumping. I don't go that far. Though one wonders: Is it only a matter of time?
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I'll tell you what freaks me out.

They've changed the synchronization of some of the streetlights on the big busy street I take in and out of my little home city. Like, for so long, I've known, end of the hill, if I get the right green arrow, I'll get the regular green light at the bridge and will be able to coast right on. But! It's changed! Now you're NOT guaranteed the bridge green light if you get the green arrow! And coming home, it used to be that coming off the bridge, if you got the green light there you wouldn't be assured the left-green-arrow at the first light. Now sometimes you are! This is FREAKING ME OUT! I'm going to get in a major accident because I'll be on autopilot, expecting lights to be green when they're red, red when they're green, and it will all be because of whacked synchronization!

Isn't this fascinating? My need to Get A Friggin Life has reached new heights. Am posting about traffic lights.

In other random news: Have discovered that, sadly, I could never be a successful rap artist because I can't make it through, like, half of Eminem's Without Me without getting totally winded and my voice hurting. Isn't that pathetic?

Also: Come Sail Away by STYX -- Greatest Song Ever. Am I right or am I right? I swear, it's not quite the Nelly Remix back in The Day when that single was first released (and I do still scream if I hear that while in the car), but when I hear Come Sail Away by STYX come on the radio, I totally almost veer off the road because I am singing "Come sail away! Come sail away! Come SAAAAAAAAIIIIIILLL away with me!" with such great passion.

The Remember WENN peeps who added me recently have caused a resurgence of affection and interest in the show in me -- I found myself digging out the episodes I have on tape and looking them over. Oh, how I loved that show. And! All through college, especially this past year when he was my thesis advisor, this one professor reminded me of someone and I couldn't place him. Last night I almost fell off of my bed when he came onscreen -- my thesis advisor was SOOO Victor Comstock! Freaked me out!

That is all.


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