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.i. cinderella complex

On my way into work today, my shoe came off as I was going up the outside cement steps to my building, which would be annoying anytime, but was made particularly wretched because (1) it was raining, (2) my forward momentum was unstoppable and so I stomped right down on the dirty concrete with my knee-highed foot, and (3) there were two people hot on my heels who saw it happen.

I am familiar with embarrassing moments like this one, and the truth is that most of the time other people are pretty cool about it. If you face up to your embarrassment with a rueful smile, like, "Not a foot in a puddle AGAIN!" then people are usually all "Ha ha! It happens to the best of us!"

Sadly, the people behind me were the kind who, in moments like this, respond with blank looks that say, "Wow. Lame explosion. So glad I'm nothing like her!"

And so that kind of stunk. And then. AND THEN. I made it worse by waving my hand in a dramatic way and announcing, "Don't worry, I've got it!" before hopping down a step to put my shoe back on. Why? Why did I say that? Did I expect one of them to snatch up my two-year-old Target brown flat and place it on my foot? DID I? Some small part of me must have!

.ii. tetanus tales

While I was at Target yesterday buying Enchanted on DVD (I tried to resist but lasted only one day), my brother called my cell phone. He told me this story that started with a night out at a bar and ended with him tripping over a bike rack while running across his yard, and was followed up by asking me when he'd last gotten a tetanus shot. I informed him that I do not carry his medical records on my person, and so he would be best off calling his doctor.

Tonight he called to check in at home and I ended up on the phone with him. He told me he'd found out that he was up do date on his tetanus shot, and I said, "Oh, so you talked to the doctor?"

My mother's ears, honed by her protective instincts, picked up this statement from across the room. "What? Is Jimmy okay? Is something wrong?"

"Is it okay if I tell her?" I asked him, because I had been under strict orders not to tell her the day before because he knew she would freak out.

"Yeah, go ahead," my brother said at the same time my mother said, "TELL ME WHAT?"

"Jimmy tripped over a bike rack and cut up his leg, and he called me yesterday to find out if he was up to date on his tetanus."

My mother said, "Well, I have no idea if he is!"

And then I said (and I feel kind of bad about this after the fact), "Well, he's been feeling kind of weird, like, when he bites into something, sometimes he can't open his mouth back up."

"Tell her I've been having muscle spasms," Jimmy piped in over the phone.

"And he's been having muscle spasms," I said.

"Oh my God!" my mother said.

"What's that, Jim?" I said into the phone, "And you've got a fever?"

"He needs to go to a doctor! Is there on call down there in Texas? He needs to go to on call!"

And then I told her that we were kidding, and she almost threw the meatloaf she was mixing together right at my head.

.iii. scout status

The last time I updated I think I was all in a tizzy over my little cat Scout. I am happy to report that she's doing better, though not fully recovered. We're giving her pain medication and her leg seems to be getting better by the day. So that's good!
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So I randomly joined Greenpeace. Or am I a patron? Whatever you call a person who donates $15 a month, that's what I am! Completely accidental and likely short-term, as I'm both easily convinced and unwilling to give up money that could be better spent on trashy magazines. I mean, it's not that I don't like the environment -- honest, I do! I recycle! -- it's just that I'm not so zealously committed. The Greenpeace girl who got me to sign up yesterday was telling me stories while I was filling in my little form, saying things like, "We have tremendously committed members! We have people jumping in front of harpoons being shot at whales! People chaining themselves to trees! People risking their lives for the environment!" And while I'm sure I was supposed to be moved and impressed at their gusto, all I could think was, "Wow, that's...a little much."

But still I signed up! Because she was so earnest and eager and I'm not sure how many people from my little struggling home city would be signing up. Though come to think of it, she might have gotten a few, since the city is currently experiencing a sort of yippie revival, complete with lots of antique stores and specialty shops, all of which was on display yesterday at the (possibly first) River Arts Festival. It was very fun, had live music, overpriced jewelry, and kettle corn, the three requirements of any kind of street festival around here (and possibly anywhere). And, also, the socially motivated people with clipboards. They are always a staple.

But anyway, I signed up! And feel like a fraud. Oh well.

Post-Greenpeace, I was walking along with my bud Anna when I saw this guy trying on this huge, gaudy sombrero. I thought to myself, "Now that's something my Dad would do," and then, sure enough, Anna said, "Hey, I know you!"

Yes, it was my Dad! In a gaudy sombrero, which he requested that I buy for him for Father's Day. I was just about to hand the money over to the dealer when my mother rushed over and started slapping my hand away, all, "You can't! You CANNOT buy this for him! He will WEAR IT! He will wear it OUT! Also, it probably has bugs!"

My mom is convinced everything secondhand has bugs.

I nodded and promised not to and then promptly skulked around the festival with Anna for a bit, losing my parents, so that I could go back and buy it for him without my mother the watchdog interfering. I had a long verbal debate over the purchase (consisting, basically, of me repeating the phrase, "My mom will KILL me" over and over), and then finally made it. I bought the sombrero and walked all around downtown with it hanging down my back because it was (as all hats are) too small for my big head. Fun fact: sombreros worn on a person's back with the string across the throat? Not so fun! First of all, it kind of feels like you're being strangled, and second of all, people talk to you about the sombrero. One lady asked me how much I paid for it and, when I told her, clearly communicated through the pause before "...that's not so bad" that I was ROBBED. Which I already knew. Aren't you supposed to barter with these vendors? I can't! I'm a child of suburbia, of the shopping mall, of the bar code prices! I got five bucks knocked off by the vendor without me asking for it, and that's as far as I could go.

Anyway, finally made it back to the car without being strangled by sombrero or mocked too harshly by fellow citizens (but vaguely terrified all the while that bugs from the sombrero were burrowing into my sweatshirt), only to arrive home later that evening and discover a sombrero sitting on the dining room table. A different sombrero. An additional sombrero.

My mother saw me looking at it and said, "You got one too, didn't you? I told you not to! I told your father not to buy this one because you were going to get the first one! NO ONE LISTENS TO ME!"

Now there are two huge, gaudy sombreros in this Irish-American household. We took pictures of each of us wearing them in the backyard tonight. Am positive neighbors again think we are insane. They are, of course, not wrong.

In other news: I'm sure you are all aware that the New York Mets swept Detroit this weekend, right? GO METS!!! WOOOO!!!! These moments are few and far between and must be SAVORED!
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I am like a black hole of coordination or something. Last November I went out to watch my cousin Emma while my aunt packed up her house, and my aunt proceeded to fall off a chair while taking down some curtains and broke her foot. Today? Went out there to babysit while she went off for a fun day with friends and she slipped and broke her arm before she could walk out the door.

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So yesterday I went out to lunch with my aunt (well, my uncle's fiancee, but they've been engaged forever and it's so burdensome to say "my uncle's fiancee" when she's practically my aunt. Though the irony of using a less burdensome term and then spending forty words explaining the terminology is not lost on me), and we were talking about my other cousins, especially Meg, who is three months younger than me, getting married in August, living in her own apartment with her finacee, and pursuing the career she's always wanted (teaching) with gusto. You know, the Anti-Jess.

I was doing the usual self-justification thing ("I wouldn't want to be married right now anyway," I said, "I mean, I'm happy for her and glad she's found someone she loves, but really, I enjoy living the life of a nun."), and then veered into the whole Living at Home Isn't *That* Bad thing. "It's nice to be able to get to know your parents as people," I said in my best Wise Old 22-Year Old Sage voice. "To be able to get beyond that whole you're not the boss of me stuff and just really have fun with them. You know?"

Flash forward to this morning:

Wise Mother: I mean, is it THAT much to ask? To CLEAN YOUR ROOM?

Mature Daughter: I guess not, I've just been VERY BUSY! And anyway, why does it matter? It's MY ROOM! No one goes in there! Just shut the door if you don't like it!

WM: The problem IS that it's a health hazard! All those books and magazines and clothes lying everywhere -- it's a FIRE HAZARD! That's the PROBLEM!

MD: What! That's crazy! You're just obsessed! You know what the problem is? YOU'RE INSANE!

[Door SLAMS shut as Mature Daughter stalks out her Mildly Ghetto Electric Blue Station Wagon, with Wise Mother shouting threats to throw out all the mail piled on the kitchen counter tomorrow, so Mature Daughter had better get her stuff out of there by tonight.]

Ah, good times. Good. Times.

I so felt twelve years old. And not in the fun, watching-Princess-Diaries, obsessing-over-NSYNC way.

Speaking of The Princess Diaries! New volume came out recently, I found out last night when I went to the bookstore! I so enjoyed those books last year when I was experiencing Thesis-Induced Stress-Related Psychosis. I was so excited last night to see a new volume (Volume IV), that I raced across the bookstore to show Jo and Anna, who both would actively not care but try to humor me as much as possible, because they're good buds like that.

"Check it out!" I said. "Volume IV! This is so exciting!"

"Ooh, is there going to be a sequel to that movie?" Jo said. "We totally have to see it, Jess. That and Legally Blonde 2."

"Of course!" I said.

"That reminds me, I meant to tell you," Anna said, "I was in the library the other day and this guy came in who's there a lot -- he's really sweet but also retarded, I think? He was taking The Princess Diaries out and going on and on about how much he loves them. Said that Princess Mia was really tough."

And then I think she realized she was likening my tastes to that of a developmentally disabled (though sweet) man at the same moment I did. Is it sad to say that it didn't really bother me? It probably should, since I've also taken to announcing what day it is to people at random moments ("It's Friday!") just like the developmentally disabled guy in the mailroom at my mother's office, Steve. Whenever I do it now, she says, "Okay, Steve" in her most indulgent voice and we both crack up. I should probably be more concerned about than amused by my recent behavior. I think this office is seriously eating my brain.

Anyhoo, people should be coming back from lunch soon and so I should probably act like a good productive worker. Hey! Today's my last day as a temp! As of next week, I'm on the office payroll, which means benefits, paid time off, and a nice little raise. AND I only signed on through the summer, so I'm not tied down, though they said I could stay as long as I like. It may be a boring evil law firm, but at least I worked out a decent deal with them.

And that is all for now.
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I woke up to the sound of screamed obscenities, which was nice. Isn't that the way everyone likes to start their day? We got a new dryer last week and the installation peeps didn't secure the grey piping thing that runs outside, so that whenever we ran it, the hot air just blew into the house. Which made everything smell nice and morning fresh, but also was crazy hot. Writing this, I can't believe we waited a week to fix it, but then again, that is my family. You may all wonder where my utter lack of get up 'n go comes from, but the truth is, we're born and bred that way.

Anyway! My father was apparently trying to attach the new one this morning and wow, I have never heard him drop so many F-bombs in my life. He got wedged behind the dryer (not a fun place to be; I have been wedged back there a few times this week, trying to reattach the old broken one) and got a wee bit frustrated at the dryer, the tubing, the world in general and my mother in particular because she was the one that asked him to do it. And my mother was totally returning fire.

Anyway, no bloodshed. The two of them are sitting quietly downstairs watching a tape of the Mets spring training game. I think they're over it but I won't be sure until I talk to them again and see if they're referring to each other as Jim and Peg or as Your Mother and Your Father. As in, "Jessica, find out what Your Father wants for dinner."

Why did I write this LJ entry? I'm sure I had something more interesting to say. Maybe I didn't. Ah well, laundry-gathering time. Here's hoping that the grey plastic tubing is worthy of the drama its installation caused.
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Am listening to -- get this -- HELLO BY LIONEL RITCHIE courtesy of The Brother. I am such a happy girl! He sent it to me after the following conversation on the IM:

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Breaking news: I have new hair! Very new hair! Very short, new hair! I'm still dealing with it and keep veering between Oh, It's So Cute and Dear God, Do I Look Like An Irish Round-Faced Justin Guarini? For my hair is pretty curly (though a smidge more relaxed than ole Justin's) and the fear is there. Everyone keeps saying they like it, but this is one of those situations where that can't be trusted because people are going to lie and say they like it even if they don't because, you know, does anyone ever actually say they don't like someone's new haircut?

Anyway. It's an adventure! It's modern, or so my hairdresser said! I think because it's longer in the front than in the back though I can't really tell. AND (extra bonus points) it's very low maintenance. So much less time to blow dry! New hairdresser also said I don't need conditioner, which is exciting and cuts the Jess Maintenance Budget a bit.

In other news: I think one of the maintenance dudes in my office building likes me. Which would be okay, except he's not so much studly heavy-lifting maintenance guy as non-verbal, shifty-eyed vacuum dude. I was in the elevator with him once last week and he held the elevator for someone who didn't end up coming on the elevator with us and I said something about how it was a nice gesture and we exchanged pleasantries about the weather, etc. Now he keeps staring at me whenever we run into each other! Today I had to call building maintenance because Mr. OCD Boss noticed a few salt deposits under his desk and needed them vacuumed up IMMEDIATELY and so shifty-eyed maintenance dude came up with his vacuum. It was awkward because he kept looking at me like he had something to say but never said anything. So I just sat there and did my best to avoid eye contact without being rude while answering the phones at a dull roar since the commercial vacuum sounded not unlike a jet during takeoff. "[UNPRONOUNCEABLE FIRM NAME]!!!!....WHAT?....WHAT??....HE'S NOT -- HE'S NOT HERE, CAN I PUT YOU THROUGH TO HIS VOICEMAIL??"

Anyway. I hope I don't sound mean or anything because I'm sure the guy is a nice guy and everything, but he just doesn't seem like he's all there. Which would be fitting, for my one male admirer in my fourteen-floor office building to be someone a few cards short of a full deck. And really, what would we talk about? He vacuums for a living! I hate vacuuming! It could never work.

Thinking about this, I wonder if my parking garage attendant looks upon me, as I flail about helplessly half-leaning out of my ghetto station wagon, with the same benevolent caution I do shifty-eyed vacuum dude. Something to ponder.

Tonight I went out to dinner with my parents, as I do almost every Friday night because I am a BIG FAT LOSER, and our waiter looked like he'd been plucked from the background of some scene in the Godfather. The hair, the flair, the whole nine. The restaurant was Italian and made all of its waiters dress up in vests and bow ties and all that, which just added to the mystique. And! We were right near the back of the restaurant and all of the busboys and waiters were handing these huge wads of money back and forth and talking on this pay phone and it was all very Corleone.

And I think that's all for now. Except! I FORGOT ABOUT THE NBA ALL STAR THING! I may commit ritual suicide. Or just mope for the rest of the evening. I am SUCH A MASSIVE TARD! Dammit.

Off to read people's responses to the NBA thang...
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The brother goes back to college on Monday, which is kind of sad because I'll miss having him around, even if he does mock me mercilessly about my Harry Potter obsession, NSYNC fixation, and tenuous employment situation, not to mention his annoying habit of wanting to go online whenever I want to. It's like our sibling connection provided with this inner alarm so that the second one of us starts tying up the phone line to check his or her email or use the phone, the other one develops a sudden, all-encompassing NEED to call someone or sign on. There have been screaming matches about this in the wee hours of the morning.

Regardless of these things, I will miss the Jimmster, if only because he knows why "Uh.....no!" just gets funnier every time. And because he's just like me, except a boy, and taller, and generally more coordinated. Yesterday we went to WalMart and both got completely distracted (me looking at DVDs, him looking at sunglasses). Just as he'd picked out the most hideous, awful pair he could find, I realized we only had ten minutes to get to the place we were picking up dinner for the fam. I pointed this out, looked to the front of the store, and we both started walking, then jogging, then flat-out running to the front of the store. Small children dove out of our paths. Literally. There was a five-or-six year old girl looking at a central filing cabinet display who saw us coming and dove, panicked, into the womanswear section.

We argued heatedly over which line was shorter, and then decided to have me purchase all of our stuff together so that he could go bring the car around, which worked out well, except for the part where he went to the wrong minivan initially. Are we brother and sister or what? We drove like maniacs and got there with minutes to spare.

In other news: Networks should not be allowed to change their programming schedules unless they are willing to call me up personally the first few weeks of the changed schedule to let me know when my shows are on. Meaning, I totally forgot Angel was on last night. This makes me bitter! It sounds like it was tres cool.

And now I must go to bed so I can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the office tomorrow. Or at least conscious. Must set reasonable goals.
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My brother is embarking on a quest to stay awake for seventy hours because he read somewhere that at that point one becomes clinically insane. We're all laughing at him because, except for my mother, there is no one who loves to sleep more than this boy. When he was a little kid, babysitters would come over to watch us and before it was even his bedtime, he'd get up, gather his action figures, and tromp up the stairs in his footie pajamas without even being asked to.

I was the annoying babysitting charge who refused to sleep. I remember being eight and lying on the floor in the living room watching American Gladiators next to my snoozing babysitter.

Anyway! So, he's going to try to stay up until sometime in the mid-afternoon on Thursday. I will keep you posted as to whether he succeeds.

In other news: I got the temp job! I know, isn't this exciting? In that completely non-exciting way? Whatever. My Skeevy Temp Agency is trying to swindle me out of a dollar an hour but I'm just too lazy to fight them. What spirit! What gumption! What all-out apathy!

Anyway. The other exciting event of the day was an afternoon viewing of Chicago, which was FABULOUS. I so thoroughly enjoyed it. Fun stuff!

Also thoroughly enjoyed today: The canceled sitcom Two Guys and a Girl, now in syndication on the WE network. Does anyone else out there heart that show except for me? Anyone? I seem to recall critics thinking it sucked, but man, it cracks me up! And I swear, the fact that Nation Fillion is a regular for the bulk of the episodes near the end of the series has NOTHING to do with my intense love for the show. Okay, maybe a little bit. A smidge. Also, it's just plain funny stuff!

Although it does sometimes hit a little too close to home, what with the freaky neighbor who has forty cats, is socially awkward, and wildly curly hair. Every time I see her I think, "Dude, that is SO ME!"

The only heartening thing is that near the end of the series she hooks up with Berg, played by That Guy From Fifteen. So there's hope!
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Actually, only my brother calls me She-Hulk, and that's when he's not calling me Sloppy Jr. or any other assortment of mocking names (including, but not limited to, the old sibling standby of Loser (accompanied by L-on-forehead signal) and Costanza). I'm feeling the title tonight, what with the excessive snow-shoveling I've done in the past two days. I do suspect, though, that She-Hulk would not be in quite as much massive pain, oh, everywhere in her body, after a measly three or four hours shoveling over two days.

Perhaps I am just She-Hulk in training or something. I have demonstrated disturbing She-Hulk tendencies as of late, such as the breaking of the bathroom toilet incident and tonight, when I blew out my brother's birthday candle from across the table completely unintentionally. I was just laughing! Apparently with too much force, though! I don't know my own strength. Maybe I'm developing superpowers? Because that would be cool.

In other news: Was a good consumer today, went out to the mall and braved the hordes to spend money I shouldn't. I got two books and new boots, which were very expensive. Am experiencing mild Buyer's Remorse over them, but am trying to fend it off at the pass by going downstairs and putting them on and admiring them whenever I feel it coming on. The method seems to be working.

I keep thinking there was something I wanted to say in this entry, a good reason for me to have opened up the Update Journal window, but nothing's coming to me. I'm tempted to tell you all about my really cute new pjs and the Mystery of the Unidentified Cat Vomit, which is, I think, a hint for me to be going.
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It's crazy here! Two feet already and still stuff coming down and, of course, I have a job interview tomorrow morning! For a job I don't particularly want (it's a secretarial position with a long commute at a place where a friend of mine worked and hated, not to mention the fact that the job description asked for candidates who could "think outside the secretarial box," which could mean more autonomy or, you know, more waiting on higher-ups hand and foot), but, you know. I should probably go. I will have to dig out the moderately ghetto electric blue station wagon since it has not earned a place in the garage, and conceivably do something with my hair, and allow extra time for the commute because who knows how the roads will be, so I guess I should leave for my 10AM interview in about twenty minutes.

Ooh, maybe they'll be closed! It would be like a snow day. That would be nice.

Also Re: Interview -- Have chosen new Interview Outfit as the outfit I've worn to the past two interviews has done me no good! It must scream Unqualified, Unskilled Slacker or something. Because really, that's gotta be the reason someone wouldn't want to hire me! It couldn't be *me* as an individual, my skills, my talents, my personality! It must be my clothes! Perhaps I need new shoes.

Anyway, all my previous excitement over the snow is pretty much gone now. Or it should be, since I spent an hour this evening shoveling the front walk and will be doing more shoveling tomorrow, no doubt. But I still maintain a childish excitement over the fact that there's snow! And it's so pretty! And soft! Which is good for those of us who fall down a lot!

I, naturally, fell down while shoveling, but this was absolutely Not My Fault. I was clearing off the front stoop and kind of forgot where the stoop ended and the rest of the lawn began and stepped out into nothing but snow and fell a few feet. Again, soft snow, so there were no major injuries, save my snow-soaked jeans. And I did a truly excellent job clearing off the front stoop, if I do say so myself (and I do). Not that it means much, since the snow's still coming down and my handiwork will likely mean nothing tomorrow.

Went down for the Christmas Day gathering with my father's family this afternoon, which was a good time. Escaped all lectures until the very end, when my grandfather pinned my brother and me down by the door with Lecture #35B - You Should Really Go To Church, It Doesn't Cost Anything (HaHa). It may sound familiar; it's closely related to Lecture #35A - You Should Really Go To Church, It's Only An Hour Of Your Week And God Gave You Your Whole Life YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL, YOU HEATHENS!!! I think he went for Lecture B in light of the holiday, trying to keep things peppy.

For those of you playing along at home, there were no mentions of the joint campaign of the homosexuals and abortionists to take over the media (and then the WORLD!!), though a tiny plastic fetus was discovered in my grandfather's Kleenex Box. A good weapon in Stealth Freaking Outage, because at first you were all "Oh, it's the Jesus from the Nativity Scene!" and then you were all "Hey, there's a cord hanging from its OH MY GOD!!"

All in all, it was a nice day, except for the whiteout conditions on the roadways. But we made it home alive.

Christmas evening was nice. After Jim, my father, and I tag-teamed it with the snow removal on the driveway and front walkway, Jim and Dad hunkered down with some straight-from-the-can Lasagna (I know, how ew is that? But I can't really criticize.) while Mom and I broke out the Kraft Spirals Mac and Cheese Dinner (Why I can't criticize other people's culinary choices). Continuing with the gender divide, Jim and Dad played chess in the family room while Mom and I indulged ourselves in the Trading Spaces marathon for a bit, and then happened upon what is, quite possibly, one of the worst television movies ever. Naturally, I love it, and was SO EXCITED to see it on, to the point that I threatened to withhold birthday presents for The Brother (whose birthday is tomorrow) if he put up any more of a stink over having to watch it.

The movie was Borrowed Hearts, starring Roma Downey, Eric McCormack, Hector Elizondo, and quite possibly the most annoying child actor in the history of time. Now, it should be noted that I'm not usually annoyed by child actors! I love kids! I like to cut child actors a lot of slack, since they are kids first and actors second and I don't particularly like saying mean things about kids! But there's just something about the little girl in this movie that makes me think the most mean thoughts about her character. I kind of hate myself for it. Why do I watch the movie? You are undoubtedly asking yourself this (that is, of course, assuming you've made it this far into the post) -- the answer is that I really don't know. I've watched it every Christmas since it was made, and every time I watch it I am blown away by its suckiness, Eric McCormack's extremely bad hair, and Roma Downey's barely-there American accent. But turning it off is just so Not An Option.

And so I watched, cringed, guiltily enjoyed it, and my Christmas was complete.

And oh, how time flies when you're rambling about holiday happenings! It's past my bedtime if I want to get up in time to clear off my car, which I really don't, so I'll probably end up reading Harry Potter fanfiction for a good spell before going to bed. I am so very week and so very predictable.

I hope everyone had a lovely day.
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Word on the street is that we're going to get a big snowstorm, which I, personally, find very exciting! I've never had a snowstorm on Christmas Day! I know it's going to inconvenience a lot of people, but watch me actively not care and put my personal preferences before other people's real life concerns because I am Just That Crappy an individual.

By the way, to those who celebrate: Merry Christmas!

And to those who do not celebrate: Happy Wednesday! Sorry I forgot to acknowledge your own celebration(s)! Does it help to know that I feel bad about that? That I'm working up something resembling Catholic Guilt for being insensitive?

Anyway. It's Christmas! I was very blah about the whole thing until this week, when my holiday cheer kicked into gear. Now I'm feeling more festive.

One of the family traditions is not to put out the gifts until Christmas Eve, usually when everyone else isn't looking, so it's a little bit like Santa still being around with the gifts magically appearing. I just went down to put my presents out and saw that my father had done so already, as there were gifts under the tree with the following tags:

-To: Jess From: 'NSYNC -- We're big fans!

-To: Peg From: Mike Piazza

-To: Jimmy From: Flip (my brother's overbearing, annoying childhood baseball coach)

The Beltway Snipers and Molly (our cat) also appear to have gotten in the holiday spirit. I, personally, can't wait to see what NSYNC got me, especially since it's in a curiously-shaped box. My father's Christmas gifts are legendary, as he gets all of his gifts in ninety minutes on Christmas Eve. It should be interesting.

I think it's time to toss back some egg nog and listen to NSYNC Christmas Music. Did you know that they never knew the meaning of Christmas before they looked in my eyes?
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I think Thanksgiving is such a lovely holiday, and that's not just because it's a day where pigging out righteously is smiling upon. I also think it's nice that there's a holiday where you're expected to do nothing more than gather with those you care about, think about what you've been blessed with, and, well, pig out righteously.

Anyhoo, I am grateful for more things than I can probably even name, but due to time constraints (The Brother is home for the holiday and I'll be cruisin for a bruisin if I don't let him sign on in the next few minutes), I'll be quick. I'm grateful for the roof over my head which is now blessedly bee-less, for the cats who inspired my screen name, for my brother who's always there to carry heavy things for me, for my mother who taught me to whisper in public, for my father who taught me not to care who overhears, for my grandpa who loves me even though he thinks I'm a crazy brainwashed fool (and vice versa, natch), for my Nana who agrees with me that potatoes are the most incredible food on the planet, for the years I got to spend with my Papa and for the lessons his life taught me, for my aunts and uncles and cousins too numerous to be named for always letting me know that I'll never be alone (whether I like it or not), for Anna who went to see 8 Mile with me, for Annie who understands why convulsing while saying the name JC is necessary, for Joanna the chronically late and perfectly dressed (I only share half of that description), for Kristen the Republican Bride, for the people I've met over the internet and have come to call friends: the fabulous Kaelie, first and foremost, for everything, for E and Mare and Amy for tolerating my small-city wonderment at InWhySee, for Shana without whom I would never have made it to the Groove (and I will be building a small shrine in your honor soon,I swear), for Helen who kept me going through countless paper-writing nights with her AIM regencies; for others who I may not know as well but who are always interesting and fun and funny and bright, who I'm always glad to see pop up on my friends list, who make me think and who have graced me with more small and large kindnesses than I deserve -- I can't name you all because I don't have enough time but everyone who's appeared on this page falls under that category.

I'm also grateful for popcorn, chocolate, Diet Pepsi/Coke, Joss Whedon and his trio of fabulous TV shows, Alias, General Hospital, cheesy young adult novels, Soapnet, snowfalls, good books, bad books, People Magazine, Neutrogena hand cream, the WB, my health, the really cool pink toothbrush I picked up the other day, my mildly ghetto car, and countless other things and people, not the least of which being, of course, JC.

And now I must dive into bed before the brother kicks my ass.
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I watched Dawson's Creek tonight and when I wasn't utterly transfixed by Pacey's atrocious hair, I was blown away by the completely whacked moral code the show seems to operate by. I just, I honestly don't get it. Also: Todd Manning as an uppity professor! It cracks me up.

I watched the episode with my father, which added to the enjoyment because any time I'm watching TV with him and any fictional characters get anywhere near hitting the sheets, he starts flipping out and hollering "Change it! Change it!" and then starts going on and on about how said fictional characters are probably contracting many and varied venereal diseases while we channel surf.

Ah, the joys of living with the 'rents.

I opened up this update window thinking I'd have more to say but apparently I was mistaken. Off to bed!
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I went to New York! And got to hang out with the fabulous Elizabeth and Mare and Amy and had so much fun! They were all so cool and fun and nice and I had such a blast and I wish I could have stayed longer with them. I'm sure I made a fool out of myself and shattered any cool image I might have had by behaving like an utter fool and getting all giddy and excited at the mere mention of things like General Hospital and NSYNC and hot chocolate.

But I don't care! I had fun! I can only hope that after the meeting they will not refer to me as That Freaky Jess and if they do, I don't really care because I had so much fun! And it is, of course, All About Me. I will undoubtedly tell more embarrassing anecdotes about my behavior on the trip in the future, and so you are forewarned.

I was so sorry to leave on Saturday and wished I could have stayed longer, but it turns out that it's good I did.

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Nov. 11th, 2002 09:44 pm
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Am so incredibly exhausted. My aunt broke/badly sprained her foot over the weekend by falling off a chair while trying to get some curtains down (*so* totally something I would do) in preparation for the move she's undertaking at the end of this week. So she broke/badly sprained her foot over a holiday weekend (no orthopaedic doctors' offices open here), has to get ready for a move, her husband's away, and she's got a five year old kid to look out for. I came here early yesterday morning for a pre-arragned short babysitting assignment and have yet to leave, will be spending the night, and hopefully leaving sometime tomorrow afternoon. I am so tired.

The purpose of the post? To whine, of course. And to explain to those who I owe emails that I'm not ignoring them, I'm just wiped. I promise I'll get back to you tomorrow and please don't hate me! Or at least try not to.

The packers are coming tomorrow and I'm likely going to be smelly and unshowered because I don't have the energy to bathe before bed and I doubt I'll get up early enough to do it tomorrow. I'm going to be looking fiiiiiiiine. Will have to beat the men off with a stick.

Lack the energy to think of an amusing conclusion. Pretend I did. Hope everyone had a fab weekend.
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Living at home is turning me into the sullen teenager I never really was. I love my parents, and I appreciate that they're letting me crash here, but all of these latent surly adolescent urges keep springing up within me, expressing themselves almost without my control, every time they commit that parental crime of, you know, telling me what to do. Well, not telling, more like suggesting. Strongly. With pointed looks and disappointed sighs.

New phrases that have become part of my vocabulary:

(1) God, will you get off my back?

(2) FINE! (followed by door slam)

and, let's not forget the old standby,

(3) (Stony silence, occasionally accompanied by either (a) eyeroll, or (b) the old long-suffering sigh)

If I get asked ONE MORE TIME about health insurance, I swear I'm going to. I don't know, use all three of the above in that order. That'll show 'em!!

The worst part is how they're right. I should be looking for a better job and getting health insurance. Yet still, watch me actively not do it. I suck! I keep thinking: graduate school. But for what? I feel like I need a spiritual retreat. Or a massive financial windfall. Perhaps both. Perhaps I need a massive financial windfall that will enable me to take a spiritual retreat in the vicinity of one/some/all of *NSYNC.

Note how it all comes back to the sparkly danceboys. Such is the nature of my life.

This post is sounding far pissier than I actually am! Change of topic is warranted! Onto happier things:

As all of you know, this week is National Temporary/Staffing Employees Week. Today I went to pick up my paycheck and, in addition to the dolla billz, I walked away with a CANDY FILLED GIFT BAG!! How cool is that?? Very cool!

I have been celebrating National Temporary/Staffing Employees Week by being a slothful employee and surfing the web early and often. Evidence of this is seen in the massive LJ survey I filled out while at the office. In my defense, it did take five hours for me to finish between projects, but still. I am such a rebel!

Such a rebel that I apparently break the laws of friendship, even. Suddenly realize that I totally forgot to call someone I'd planned to and so I'm off, and will leave you all with this question in the spirit of National Staffing/Temporary Employees Week: Have you given a temp a large sum of money tax-free today?


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