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So I'm already all obsessed about the 2008 election (which some of you already know), and while I'm not a political junkie, I'm just obsessed enough to be regularly enraged and/or confused and/or bewildered by the things I read.

I mean, I'll lay my cards on the table right now. But maybe behind a cut tag. Because I know some people don't like to know about other people's political opinions, and I'll try to be courteous.

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Instead of getting a head start on the end-of-year madness I'll be facing at work this week, I watched a bunch of movies this weekend. I was going to discuss them all in one entry, but then got totally carried away by the first one I saw:

The Outsider - A western love story revolving around the forbidden love between a young widow (Naomi Watts) from a Amish-like religious group and a cold-blooded gunslinger (Tim Daly) whom she takes into her home after he is wounded.

Okay, this is a TV movie made six years ago that I ordered used off of Amazon.com based on the summary above because yes, I am totally the type of person who loves movies like this one. Okay, not loves - LOVES. IN CAPS. And I will be upfront with you about this one! (1) This is not a good movie and (2) I totally enjoyed it.

outsider discussion, with some spoilers and a couple of pictures of Tim Daly )
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I got some bad news today, news that doesn't directly affect me but makes me very sad for someone else, and so tonight I've been kind of moping around online, trying to find something comforting. I found a few things:

My favorite dance sequence from Strictly Ballroom, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps. No matter how many times I see it, it still makes me hold my breath a little bit. Fantastic.

Remember that episode of Ugly Betty where Daniel was all devastated over being dumped and Betty was determined to make him feel better, and so she arranged a date with him with Gisele, but evil Amanda canceled it, and so Betty met him instead and they ended up running around New York City and crashing wedding receptions and singing karaoke to get their meal half off, proving that somewhere down the line, they very clearly are mfeo? Wasn't that AWESOME? From that episode, a clip of Daniel and Betty singing I Got You Babe.

This sequence from the Babu Bhatt episode of Seinfeld, you know, the one where Elaine takes an IQ test for George and the Dream Cafe opens down the street from Jerry and, well, wackiness ensues.

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I've seen some movies recently!

hot fuzz )

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Apr. 23rd, 2007 11:03 pm
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What do I do all day? Here is the best representation I've found - hilarious but also accurate:

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I was relieved by the results of my extremely scientific jellybean poll, because I used the count-and-multiply method at the Easter brunch and totally won the jellybeans AND twenty dollars. It was v. exciting for me, and definitely the highlight of the brunch, which featured the following exchange between me and my oafish uncle Steve after my father thought he'd spotted my elementary school principal in the next room:

FearlessJellybeanCheater: Oh, wow, I think it is him!

OafishUncleSteve: (in a voice loud enough to carry across several counties) Who? That Oriental over there?

Awesome! Even more awesome was how, after a long debate over interrupting people's brunches, I approached the gentleman in the next room and had the following exchange, with my entire family watching fifteen feet away:

FearlessJellybeanCheater: Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, are you Mr. Y?

BrunchingDude: No.

FJC: Okay, bye!

Describing it here isn't capturing how dorky it felt in the moment. Oh well.

Anyway, I won the jellybean contest! I was happy and proud of my clever strategy for figuring out the right number, esp. since I beat nineteen other family members. It was only last night that I discovered that some people (like my brother) viewed my method as cheating, which horrified me, because I am many things, but I am not a cheater. The only rules I don't obey regularly are the rules of the road and appropriate library membership (I just discovered a Mary Balogh book that was due three months ago under my bed). We got into a big debate over the issue that led to me feeling very guilty. The only thing that kept me from feeling too bad was the fact that I didn't get to keep the twenty dollars I won through dubious means; some member(s) of my father's family cheaped out on their portion of the Easter brunch bill, which meant that my corner of the family (the lucky ones who got the bill last) ended up having to clean out or wallets to make up the difference. (And yes, Oafish Uncle Steve is a major suspect.)
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Tonight at dinner, my brother and I were discussing the jellybean contest held at one of the three (3) Easter gatherings we attended last weekend. During the brunch, a jar of jellybeans was passed around with a piece of paper on which you were to write down your name and the number of jellybeans you thought were in the jar. There was an unspecified cash prize to go to the winner (the bill was folded up on top of the jar and held there by clear tape, but the denomination was obscured by a sticker) as well as the jar of jellybeans. BIG STAKES!

Our discussion centered on acceptable vs. not acceptable behavior in such a contest. Imagine you are taking part in such a contest, and while watching the jar of jellybeans make its way around, you notice someone counting the number of beans on the bottom and then counting the number of layers in the jar. Your reaction!

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So I was cleaning the computer room this week, and what do I find? An unspent gift certificate to Borders! SWEETNESS! I'm probably going to hit the bookstore tonight - does anyone have a recommendation of an awesome book you've read recently? Topics/genres of interest to me at the moment: Baseball, history, young adult novels, romance novels, any kind of novel with an absorbing narrative and not-depressing ending, humorous essays (I love David Sedaris and read most or all of his stuff).

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.i. hair

My complicated relationship with my hairdresser continues. I saw her yesterday and got my hair cut/colored/highlighted, but am not wholly convinced that she is pleased with me. She told me she hadn't returned my phone calls because I forgot to leave my number on her machine any of the three times I called. Totally possible! In fact, very likely! But still: I have doubts.

She dyed my hair again, which of course means I'm experiencing post-dye paranoia. I'm convinced that I look like I took a can of black shoe polish and combed it through my hair, in spite of the fact that she talked me into getting highlights. She cajoled me, I submitted, but do I see highlights? No. No, I do not. But did I want super-highlighted hair? Not really. She said I would "barely see them" and she's right; I guess I got what I asked for.

Another potential sign of diminishing interest on the part of my hairdresser: she didn't clean all the dye off of my forehead, which I didn't notice because I'm unobservant like that. People ask me why I still live at home and not on my own, and there are several reasons (credit card debt, student loans, uncertain employment future), but a big one was exemplified last night, when my mother walked in the door, took one look at me, and said, "What's on your forehead? Why is it all black?"

And then I went to the mirror and saw all the dye around my hairline that I'd totally not noticed. I went and got Chinese food for lunch, went to a drug store to pick up pens later, all while displaying massive dye-face. Without the Mom Unit, I would have slept with it on and perhaps been permanently marked.

I feel like all my posts about my hairdresser make me sound like a paranoid lunatic. Well, more so than usual. And I will own up to being slightly paranoid about things like this. Okay, more than slightly. BUT. In my defense! My aunt and cousin go to the same person and have the same hang-ups. Is this because we share the same congenital personality flaw, where we project our own negative self-worth onto our hairdressers? Or is our shared stylist, in fact, a little tempermental?

My aunt actually brings her a coffee every time she goes to get her hair done because she's convinced the hairdresser doesn't like her, and is trying to earn her way back into her good graces. We keep going back because she generally does a good job with hair (my aunt and cousin's hair looks fabulous); as for mine, I'm still adjusting. Here's hoping I don't, in fact, look like I dunked my head in an inkwell and cut my hair with garden shears. More news as it develops.

.ii. charlotte's web

Those of you who were lucky enough to talk to me either a couple of months ago, when I saw the new Charlotte's Web in the theater, or the other day, when I watched part of it again on DVD, have been exposed to my evangelical zeal for Charlotte's Web. Evidence: The icon for this entry, which I know is super low-budg, but as I tell my students whenever I give them handouts I create featuring images of any kind, I am not a graphic artist!

ANYWAY. I am obsessed with Charlotte's Web. I feel like someone who's just accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior, and must now Spread the Word. Except my Word has to do with a children's book/movie about a spider and a pig. But! It's about SO MUCH MORE!

Watching the movie as an adult was much different than watching or reading it as a child. My memory of the story was of Charlotte as more of a mother-figure, who saved Wilbur out of benevlolence, and she does have a teacher/motherly role in the movie, but what I had either missed or forgotten was the reciprocal nature of their friendship. Charlotte saves Wilbur because Wilbur is the first (maybe only?) creature to call her a friend and not be put off by her appearance, and by doing that, he brings her into a friendship and a community she'd been cut off from before. That might have been present in the book or earlier movie, but I didn't remember it as much, so it really moved me when I saw the movie.

In general, I was surprised by how many themes the story touches upon honestly and thoughtfully: the value of friendship, the importance of promises kept, the influence one individual can have on a community, the power of words, finding worth in individuals usually overlooked, seeing beyond superficial appearances, the bittersweetness of growing up.

I grew up with the animated version, which I have affection for, but I liked this live-action version a lot. And this is coming from someone who's generally creeped out by talking live-action animals (I hate all those stupid cat litter commercials, they FREAK ME OUT). I think the movie did a wonderful job making the setting look both real and somehow magical - the colors were super-saturated, a little brighter than they would typically be in real life. And Dakota Fanning was wonderful as Fern.

Go see it! It's awesome!
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.i. stylist woes

I think my hairdresser is trying to break up with me. I don't think she liked the way I canceled my most recent appointment (maybe I wasn't apologetic enough?), because she hasn't returned the three messages I've left about rescheduling. I have called other people who go to her and she is styling their hair! Maybe she saw me in public and realized I don't regularly use the product she recommends? I'm almost inclined to take my business elsewhere, but (1) she's awesome, and (2) she's five minutes from my house. She is the Ideal Stylist.

Except for the part where she doesn't return my calls.

My next plan is to stop by the salon unannounced. I really feel like a stalker, or an ex who refuses to get the hint.

.ii. speaking of

I bring you another of my random polls. My polls are generally a string of questions with no unifying theme other than Things I've Been Pondering Lately.

[Poll #962770]

.iii. amazon madness

My new thing is late-night Amazon purchases. They typically happen on weeknights, when I'm exhausted from teaching all day and grading/planning all night, so much so that by the time I get to check my e-mail at 10PM or so, my defenses are down, and I find myself dropping money on things like:

(1) Holiday, the other Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn movie made in 1938. She's an heiress, he's . . . some kind of artist? Or rebel? I barely remember the plot, yet felt compelled to purchase it the second I realized it was on DVD.

(2) A Tim Daly movie I can't even remember the name of right now, purchased solely because I find Tim Daly totally dreamy, and I heard someone describe it as being "sort of like Witness." Apparently he's a gunslinger, and Naomi Watts is an Amish widow who takes him in, and you'll NEVER GUESS what happens. I am eagerly anticipating this one's delivery.

(3) Christy, the Complete Series. Actually, I don't feel too bad about this one since it's really a gift to my 15-year-old self, who was so obsessed with the show that there are reams of embarrassing Mary Sue-ish stories in notebooks under my bed.

(4) A Thousand Pieces of Gold. Last summer I and millions of senior citizens watched Broken Trail, a western starring Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church (LOWELL from WINGS, he was AWESOME), in which the two cowboys rescue four Chinese girls/women from a life of forced prostitution on the fronteir. Cowboy Lowell and one of the prostitutes TOTALLY fell in love and I LOVED IT, except for the fact that they barely showed their little romance. I complained about this on a message board somewhere and this movie was recommended to me, which is sitting in my VCR now waiting to be viewed. It stars Chris Cooper, which gives me hope! Look at the gloriously cheesy movie poster/video box!

Wow, Wings totally drove two of my recent late-night purchases. Who knew that a mid-nineties sitcom had such power over me?

Wings! Man, I loved that show. I know now that it wasn't as sharp or original as Seinfeld or even Friends, but I loved its sweet, loopy charm, and the way it depicted life in a small town where not much happened. I wish it were more regularly in syndication.

And that's it for now. I went to three (3) family gatherings today, starting at 11AM, arriving home at 8PM. It's exhausting to be the best version of yourself for that long. Off to overindulge in chocolate and watch comfort TV.
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FYI, a lot of my posts here are locked because of various concerns. If you add me, odds are good I'll add you back, though you still might not see much of me - I don't post as much as I used to, and sometimes I use a filter for a few close friends I've known for years. You're really not missing much.
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The latest thing I'm stressing out about is my eyewear. I've had the same pair of glasses for five years now, and due to wear and tear and the passage of time, they're both unfashionable and crooked. A new pair is vital, and so when I went for my yearly eye exam, I started browsing for glasses as well.

After a few minutes, a salesguy came up and was all, "Why don't you try these? They work with your face shape" and I looked in the mirror and liked them better than anything that had come before. I looked at three more frames, got called into my eye exam apointment, and when I came out the salesguy was all, "So you like these frames? That'll be four hundred dollars."

Okay, so it wasn't quite that quick, but it felt it, esp. with my eyes still smarting from the numbing drops and my contacts out so I could no longer really see the frames I was trying out. And so I just went along; this is why I could never be a freedom fighter, and also why my credit card bill is so high.

That wasn't the really mortifying event of the day, though. I also wanted to get my contact lens prescription set, so I went there wearing my contacts but forgot a case (natch), so the optometrist guy had to give me a free trial kit for one of the contact lens solutions when it came time for the lenses to come out. He put me in a little room with a mirror and the sealed box of contact lens accessories, and I set about removing my contacts. Shouldn't be a big deal, right? I do this every day! Except of course I couldn't get the bottle of the lens solution open. To be more accurate, I couldn't get the stupid protective plastic off of the top. I spent five minutes poking at it and digging in my pockets for something sharp to use, until eventually I looked around to make sure no one was looking and started in on the bottle with my teeth like an animal. This is what we who bite our nails are reduced to, quite often, and why people are (justifiably) grossed out by us.

Of course I couldn't get the bottle open quickly enough. The optometrist came in out of nowhere, all, "How's it going?"

I wiped the bottle on my shirt. "Oh, fine! Great! Just, you know. Having a little trouble getting the bottle open."

He nodded understandingly and said, "Oh, those can be annoying. I know a trick," and held out his hand. "Let me."

I didn't want to let my saliva-slimy bottle go. I desperately clawed at the plastic with my dull, edge-less nails. "That's okay, I can get it!"

"No, I can do it."

And then he looked at me all expectantly, and I had to hold it up and show him the gnawed-off edge of the plastic, "No, see I used my teeth to open it, and now it's all gross, so."

He looked at me like I was something he found on his shoe for a split second, and then his professional, friendly demeanor returned. "Oh, of course! I'd be happy to help, etc etc."

I tried for a minute or two but still couldn't get the GD bottle open and the guy had to take it from me eventually. I wanted to die. You can't take me ANYWHERE.
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Holy crap, there's a lot of snow out there! I just spent an hour and a half digging out (1) our sidewalk, (2) part of the driveway, and (3) my blue bomber out of what has to be 2+ feet of snow. The temperatures today have stayed firmly in the "Effing Cold" category, which meant things both good (light, fluffy snow!) and bad (one freezes one's ass off while digging out!). The main highlight of said digging out occurred after I'd finally gotten my car running and into the street, where I waited for my brother to pull his car in front of me into the driveway (due to a snow emergency, no parking on the street like we usually do). It had taken twenty minutes of tire-spinning torture to get myself out of my original spot, and I suddenly again found myself unable to move. Had I destroyed my ancient transmission? Blown a tire? Somehow driven into another snowbank (visibility was low, people, it was possible!)?

My brother and I enacted a story in three acts about my car.

Act One: From a Distance

LJAGU: (from the garage thirty feet away) JESS! [GARBLED YELLING]

Self: WHAT?


Self: (shifting into first again, to no avail) ...WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF MY TRANSMISSION EXPLODING!


Act Two: Brute Force

LJAGU: (traipses down the driveway, stops in front of my car) I'm going to push!

Self: Okay!

(I shift into reverse, he pushes.)

(No movement whatsoever.)

LJAGU: Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking there.

Act Three: The Solution

Self: (panicking after three more tries with no luck) Dude! Did I kill my car?

LJAGU: (leans in my open window) I don't know, it's - wait. Your emergency brake is on.

Self: No, it's - oh.

LJAGU: (already walking away) Yeah.

Self: Sorry!

In other news: Today I had my first snow day as a paid public school teacher. It is awesome, and I am greedy for another one tomorrow, especially since I'm fighting off a cold and teaching a herd of eighth graders on limited physical and mental resources (I swear, colds make both my body and brain slower) is about as fun as it sounds.
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Last night I was in a bleak, angry mood that I didn't think any shard of awesomeness could generate. And then I went on YouTube and found these two clips from Conan O'Brien's Walker: Texas Ranger Lever.

Kind of lengthy, but hilarious

Shorter, and comes with the embarrassing confession that I saw the episode from which this clip was pulled. And it was a two-parter.

After that, I watched the following, which is also awesome:

A compilation of 30 Rock scenes showing why Alec Baldwin won the Golden Globe.

Speaking of 30 Rock! Is it weird that after last week's episode, I'm totally secretly all into Liz/Jack? I don't care if it is. I love them.
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I made an X-Mas stocking! I wish I could do this in real life for all my friends and family, since my financial situation is such that I am contemplating actually making gifts, since I can't afford to buy anything. But I have no gift-making skills! I used to cross-stitch when I was eight or so, and my friend A. gave me knitting lessons about eighteen months ago, but of course I've forgotten how to do both. What can I do? I can sew buttons on! And make chocolate chip cookies! Maybe I could give all friends and family a button-sewing-on IOU and a cookie?

Anyway, here's my stocking:

my xmas stocking )

I came down with a stomach virus over the weekend that took all of my energy, so I accomplished next to nothing when I had hoped to accomplish a lot. Right now I'm in that recovery period when food isn't that appealing, and I'm hoping to reboot my digestive system and train myself into better eating habits. I try to do this every time I get a stomach bug, and for the first two days, I'm all, "OMG, I'm a changed woman! I'm satisfied with a small portion! I feel no need for salty, fatty foods!" And then I fully recover and my id starts up all, "BUTTER!! SALT!! CHOCOLATE!! COMPLEX SUGARS!! TRANS FATS!! NOW!!!!"

We shall see.

On Saturday morning, just before the virus struck, I went and got my hair done. I bit the bullet and finally got permanent dye put on my hair, and also got the most drastic haircut I've gotten in probably three or four years. My hair's texture has changed in the last six months for some reason, so that while it used to be pretty super-curly, it's gone back to a strong wave. I keep trying to figure out why, but there are a multitude of variables! Has anyone else had this happen?

I think I will poll this out, because paragraphs take too long and I have to go take one of the cats to the vet.

[Poll #886655]


Dec. 3rd, 2006 02:31 am
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Lately I've been trying to talk myself into being more forgiving of the things I go to for entertainment, things like movies, TV, books. I don't think I tend to be hyper-critical (if so, how could I still be half-watching ABC Daytime?), but I do sometimes get caught up on the one flaw rather than the ten wonderful things that came before. Lately I've been thinking about Oprah's Gratitude Journal, which she talked about once on a show in, like, 1997, but which has stuck with me since to the point that every six months or so I end up with a Memo notebook next to my bed with random lists like, "1. Cream cheese. 2. My family. 3. The fact that my car passed inspection."

In that same vein, a few media-related things I am grateful for.

1. I am grateful for Mariah Carey because she wrote and performed my very favorite modern Christmas song, All I Want for Chirstmas Is You. The great thing about this song is how it starts, slowly and in a low enough range that you can feel kind of confident singing along in the car, so that by the time she starts really belting it out, you kinda sorta believe that you and Mariah are singing this TOGETHER, that you can DO THIS, and so you find yourself bopping around in the driver's seat, pointing a finger at the imaginary audience. It's awesome.

2. I am grateful to NBC for giving both Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock full season orders, especially in light of Thursday night's episode of 30 Rock, in which 30 rock spoiler )

3. I am grateful for Scrubs because without that show, we would have neither Turk performing Poison or the Sacred Heart Air Band. Regular viewing of these clips is essential to my mental health.

4. I am grateful for the Bourne movies, because they are awesome and perfect comfort movies for me. Also, Matt Damon!

5. I am grateful to [livejournal.com profile] jeviltwin for introducing me to Carla Kelly earlier this year, which started me on a romance novel binge I've been indulging on and off for the last several months. I haven't found any other author to match Carla Kelly; I've read ten or so of her books and have only found one stinker. The rest all varied from lovely and charming to INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL, the kinds of books you sneak into work and read when no one's looking because you just can't bear to go another minute without knowing what happens, because the characters are so wonderful and you care about their happiness so much, and! Oh, I can't believe I forgot to mention this! She has a new book coming out next spring! YAY!

6. I am grateful that the people slowly re-releasing Georgette Heyer's books chose Venetia as their latest one, because I had already spent too much money buying used copies of Heyer novels online, and the only copy I could track down to read was from the library and therefore couldn't be mine forever. And I wanted a copy of Venetia that could be mine forever! And now I have it. And I am happy.

I wanted there to be more, but I have to go to bed because I signed up for this stupid volunteer thing tomorrow. Stupid self of earlier this week, who couldn't think of an excuse quickly enough when asked! Stupid self in general, incapable of simply telling people that I want a Sunday just to myself! Stupidity all around!
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I am making chocolate chip cookies! Seriously making them, from scratch and everything. It's my contribution to Thanksgiving. I am also housesitting at the Scary Brownstone, and have discovered that although the Professors are culinary giants (they have invited me over for many a delicious meal), they do not appear to have a, whaddyacallit, mixer thingy you hold in your hand to mix ingredients. Maybe it's just called a mixer? A beater? ANYWAY. They don't have one. I've invested about ten minutes in searching, and am now trying to decide if it's worth the effort to keep looking or if the cookies can be made without one. They must have had cookies before electric mixers!

Or did they?

Also, I can't find a big mixing bowl. I have a bowl that I think might be large enough, but I hate it when you think the bowl is large enough and then it really isn't and Disaster Develops.

If I wait any longer, the chocolate chips will be gone due to excessive snacking on my part! They're so YUMMY.

Okay, one last search, and I begin! Any tips for a mixer-less cookie maker? The internet connection is in the kitchen in the Scary Brownstone; I await any and all helpful hints.

ETA: Mixer and mixing bowls found! I seriously think that an LJ entry is better than a Prayer to St. Anthony; the second I post about not being able to find something, I invariably find it and feel like an idiot for wasting ten minutes on an LJ entry on the subject. Off to make cookies happen.

ETA Part II: DAMMIT. I had put the chocolate chips into a bowl after measuring the appropriate amount needed (so as to see how much was snackable), and then made the poor choice of placing the bowl on the stove while the oven was preheating, and well, I just spent a few minutes eating some melted chocolate (yum!) but must now go to the store for more chips. More news as the cookies develop.
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You guys! Why is it so difficult to recover from a trip? Maybe it's because when you're of town, it is easy to forget about your blah hometown existence, and upon reentry to reality, a period of adjustment is necessary. Or maybe you're just tired from carrying your bags.

Either way: I had an AWESOME weekend visiting the fabulous E. She was an excellent hostess and I had so much fun, and not only because I came home with 26 more books than I started out with! Okay, that's not entirely accurate; I had to leave some behind to be mailed to me because they would not fit in my luggage. But they will all eventually make it to my door! Sweet, sweet books! More than two dozen of them, waiting to be read! This may be the best feeling in the world.

It wasn't the best feeling in the world to leave, however. I kind of wanted to camp out in her extra room, hanging out with her pug and forcing her to watch old TV shows (like Relativity from 1996 - anyone out there remember it? Leo and Isabel? DOUG AND KAREN?), but I fear she would grow weary of me constantly wanting to talk about how awesome Matt Saracen is.

Speaking of! Friday Night Lights got picked up for a full season! Sweetness! I really should not talk trash about NBC; they nurtured The Office, they kept American Dreams on for three seasons (even if they did mess up with the finale), they haven't canceled 30 Rock yet, and now this. Yay!

There are lots of other things I meant to talk about, I think, but I am overwhelmed by blah-ness right now, due to hometown re-entry, the upcoming holiday, other generic long-standing stuff. Also, I think R., my Literacy Volunteers guy, is breaking up with me! One week his car wouldn't start, the next week he had a cold, the week after that he didn't return my calls - I think he's seeing another tutor! All this after I gave my big inspirational speech about the Wonders of Tutoring. Awesome.

Here's something else that is awesome: Now, Voyager , which is summarized by Rotten Tomates as follows:

Tale of an introverted and frightened woman, long crushed by her domineering mother, who visits a psychotherapist to cure her emotional problems. As a result, she undergoes a dramatic transformation, becoming a confident, exciting, and attractive woman. Desperate for the love she has never experienced, she begins a relationship with a married man -- and becomes very attached to his shy, troubled daughter.

LOVE IT. It is ridiculous on several levels, of course, but Bette Davis is great as Charlotte, and Paul Henreid is handsome if bland as her love interest Jerry, and! THEY SHARE A LOVE THAT CANNOT BE! Part of me kept wanting to Get Real with the characters, a la Dr. Phil ("Charlotte, if you want to be independent, move out of your mother's house and get yourself a job! And Jerry, what are you doing sniffing around a woman who is just recovering from a nervous breakdown? You're a married man!").

None of these concerns kept me from enjoying the movie, of course. In fact, I think they made me enjoy the movie all the more.

Anyway, before I go, here are a few Muppets/Sesame clips I've been watching to cheer myself up, and they have been successful!

Jellyman Kelly One of the things I loved about Sesame Street (I use the past tense only because I haven't watched it lately) was how natural the kids were, and in this video I love how you can see how anxious the kids are at first, only half-listening to James Taylor, waiting to come in on their cue. At first they're pretty loud, but by the end, they're LOUD, practically yelling, and, I don't know. It makes me smile. Also, I love James Taylor's voice.

Mana Mana WARNING FOR EXTREME EARWORMINESS. It's that song that goes: Do dooooo dee do do/MANA MANA/do dee do do/MANA MANA, etc. This song will get stuck in your head if you click on the link, but the video totally cracks me up.

A-B-C-D-E-F-Cookie Monster! A little girl goofs around on Kermit while singing her ABCs. Almost too adorable for words, especially the ending.
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OMG! I just picked up my voicemail and a friend had left a message there, and in it she said that there was new CNN breaking news! Britney Spears files for divorce!

Naturally, I was all, "OMG, GASP!" and maybe jumping up and down because I love celebrity gossip. And then my friend's message went on to say something like, "And isn't that a sad commentary on America? That on Election Day, THAT is the top news story?"

And then I felt kind of bad for jumping up and down. But not enough to not post this LJ entry. Anyway, hey, I voted! I pushed down all of the appropriate little levers (for the last time, possibly - I think NYS is going to a more high-tech method next year, and I will miss the little levers).

And now for the important PSA: New Friday Night Lights tonight! I strongly suspect the episode will include Matt Saracen being awesome and/or adorable. I will have to tape because some alternate version of myself volunteered to help the Dems on Election Night. Off I go to headquarters! I am secretly hoping they won't need my help! That's the kind of lazy American I am!
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I am totally poll-tastic here tonight, which of course means that there are lots of things I should be doing but would rather avoid. Also, [livejournal.com profile] sinsense told me to do this one!

You see, [livejournal.com profile] sinsense and I have been talking about setting up a shared LJ to do reviews of romance novels. We are both indecisive and have decided to poll some journal-setting-up/review-formatty things!

And now, we poll!

[Poll #857753]

I am sure I am forgetting something, but I must now go accomplish some of the things I set out to do tonight. Will be a whirlwind of productivity, making it irrelevant that I did little tonight but eat Halloween candy, gab with my mother, and indulge in my LJ addiction!


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