Feb. 3rd, 2008

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I just came across someone on LJ who posted saying that they didn't know whether to support Obama or Clinton on Tuesday, could people please try to convince them? It was too tempting for me to pass up, and so I ended up typing up this long-ass list of why I'm supporting Hillary Clinton, which I'm going to include here under a cut tag, mostly because if I don't and she goes on to lose Super Tuesday, I will totally believe it was my fault for not posting this list. Kind of like how my brother's been wearing the same sweatshirt every Sunday since the Giants started winning.

First things first: I'm a registered, die-hard Democrat who will support whoever wins the nomination. My reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton are kind of light on policy because I feel that she and Obama are pretty close on policy - so close that their differences wouldn't be enough to swing me one way or the other. My loyalty is, first and foremost, to the platform of the Democratic party, which I believe has the best ideas when it comes to creating a more inclusive society that's prepared to face the new challenges of the future. I also believe that the Democratic party is more committed to promoting the welfare of all Americans (not just the wealthy and privileged).

I believe Hillary Clinton is the candidate that will take that platform to the presidency.

Why I'm Voting for Hillary Clinton )


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