Apr. 15th, 2007

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Tonight at dinner, my brother and I were discussing the jellybean contest held at one of the three (3) Easter gatherings we attended last weekend. During the brunch, a jar of jellybeans was passed around with a piece of paper on which you were to write down your name and the number of jellybeans you thought were in the jar. There was an unspecified cash prize to go to the winner (the bill was folded up on top of the jar and held there by clear tape, but the denomination was obscured by a sticker) as well as the jar of jellybeans. BIG STAKES!

Our discussion centered on acceptable vs. not acceptable behavior in such a contest. Imagine you are taking part in such a contest, and while watching the jar of jellybeans make its way around, you notice someone counting the number of beans on the bottom and then counting the number of layers in the jar. Your reaction!

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I was relieved by the results of my extremely scientific jellybean poll, because I used the count-and-multiply method at the Easter brunch and totally won the jellybeans AND twenty dollars. It was v. exciting for me, and definitely the highlight of the brunch, which featured the following exchange between me and my oafish uncle Steve after my father thought he'd spotted my elementary school principal in the next room:

FearlessJellybeanCheater: Oh, wow, I think it is him!

OafishUncleSteve: (in a voice loud enough to carry across several counties) Who? That Oriental over there?

Awesome! Even more awesome was how, after a long debate over interrupting people's brunches, I approached the gentleman in the next room and had the following exchange, with my entire family watching fifteen feet away:

FearlessJellybeanCheater: Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, are you Mr. Y?

BrunchingDude: No.

FJC: Okay, bye!

Describing it here isn't capturing how dorky it felt in the moment. Oh well.

Anyway, I won the jellybean contest! I was happy and proud of my clever strategy for figuring out the right number, esp. since I beat nineteen other family members. It was only last night that I discovered that some people (like my brother) viewed my method as cheating, which horrified me, because I am many things, but I am not a cheater. The only rules I don't obey regularly are the rules of the road and appropriate library membership (I just discovered a Mary Balogh book that was due three months ago under my bed). We got into a big debate over the issue that led to me feeling very guilty. The only thing that kept me from feeling too bad was the fact that I didn't get to keep the twenty dollars I won through dubious means; some member(s) of my father's family cheaped out on their portion of the Easter brunch bill, which meant that my corner of the family (the lucky ones who got the bill last) ended up having to clean out or wallets to make up the difference. (And yes, Oafish Uncle Steve is a major suspect.)


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