Apr. 8th, 2007

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.i. stylist woes

I think my hairdresser is trying to break up with me. I don't think she liked the way I canceled my most recent appointment (maybe I wasn't apologetic enough?), because she hasn't returned the three messages I've left about rescheduling. I have called other people who go to her and she is styling their hair! Maybe she saw me in public and realized I don't regularly use the product she recommends? I'm almost inclined to take my business elsewhere, but (1) she's awesome, and (2) she's five minutes from my house. She is the Ideal Stylist.

Except for the part where she doesn't return my calls.

My next plan is to stop by the salon unannounced. I really feel like a stalker, or an ex who refuses to get the hint.

.ii. speaking of

I bring you another of my random polls. My polls are generally a string of questions with no unifying theme other than Things I've Been Pondering Lately.

[Poll #962770]

.iii. amazon madness

My new thing is late-night Amazon purchases. They typically happen on weeknights, when I'm exhausted from teaching all day and grading/planning all night, so much so that by the time I get to check my e-mail at 10PM or so, my defenses are down, and I find myself dropping money on things like:

(1) Holiday, the other Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn movie made in 1938. She's an heiress, he's . . . some kind of artist? Or rebel? I barely remember the plot, yet felt compelled to purchase it the second I realized it was on DVD.

(2) A Tim Daly movie I can't even remember the name of right now, purchased solely because I find Tim Daly totally dreamy, and I heard someone describe it as being "sort of like Witness." Apparently he's a gunslinger, and Naomi Watts is an Amish widow who takes him in, and you'll NEVER GUESS what happens. I am eagerly anticipating this one's delivery.

(3) Christy, the Complete Series. Actually, I don't feel too bad about this one since it's really a gift to my 15-year-old self, who was so obsessed with the show that there are reams of embarrassing Mary Sue-ish stories in notebooks under my bed.

(4) A Thousand Pieces of Gold. Last summer I and millions of senior citizens watched Broken Trail, a western starring Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church (LOWELL from WINGS, he was AWESOME), in which the two cowboys rescue four Chinese girls/women from a life of forced prostitution on the fronteir. Cowboy Lowell and one of the prostitutes TOTALLY fell in love and I LOVED IT, except for the fact that they barely showed their little romance. I complained about this on a message board somewhere and this movie was recommended to me, which is sitting in my VCR now waiting to be viewed. It stars Chris Cooper, which gives me hope! Look at the gloriously cheesy movie poster/video box!

Wow, Wings totally drove two of my recent late-night purchases. Who knew that a mid-nineties sitcom had such power over me?

Wings! Man, I loved that show. I know now that it wasn't as sharp or original as Seinfeld or even Friends, but I loved its sweet, loopy charm, and the way it depicted life in a small town where not much happened. I wish it were more regularly in syndication.

And that's it for now. I went to three (3) family gatherings today, starting at 11AM, arriving home at 8PM. It's exhausting to be the best version of yourself for that long. Off to overindulge in chocolate and watch comfort TV.


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