Feb. 14th, 2007

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Holy crap, there's a lot of snow out there! I just spent an hour and a half digging out (1) our sidewalk, (2) part of the driveway, and (3) my blue bomber out of what has to be 2+ feet of snow. The temperatures today have stayed firmly in the "Effing Cold" category, which meant things both good (light, fluffy snow!) and bad (one freezes one's ass off while digging out!). The main highlight of said digging out occurred after I'd finally gotten my car running and into the street, where I waited for my brother to pull his car in front of me into the driveway (due to a snow emergency, no parking on the street like we usually do). It had taken twenty minutes of tire-spinning torture to get myself out of my original spot, and I suddenly again found myself unable to move. Had I destroyed my ancient transmission? Blown a tire? Somehow driven into another snowbank (visibility was low, people, it was possible!)?

My brother and I enacted a story in three acts about my car.

Act One: From a Distance

LJAGU: (from the garage thirty feet away) JESS! [GARBLED YELLING]

Self: WHAT?


Self: (shifting into first again, to no avail) ...WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF MY TRANSMISSION EXPLODING!


Act Two: Brute Force

LJAGU: (traipses down the driveway, stops in front of my car) I'm going to push!

Self: Okay!

(I shift into reverse, he pushes.)

(No movement whatsoever.)

LJAGU: Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking there.

Act Three: The Solution

Self: (panicking after three more tries with no luck) Dude! Did I kill my car?

LJAGU: (leans in my open window) I don't know, it's - wait. Your emergency brake is on.

Self: No, it's - oh.

LJAGU: (already walking away) Yeah.

Self: Sorry!

In other news: Today I had my first snow day as a paid public school teacher. It is awesome, and I am greedy for another one tomorrow, especially since I'm fighting off a cold and teaching a herd of eighth graders on limited physical and mental resources (I swear, colds make both my body and brain slower) is about as fun as it sounds.


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